Дочь Татьяны Навки хочет стать балериной The figure skater shared with followers a photo of my two year old daughter that sits in one of the dance poses. Fans appreciated the efforts of little Nadia and advised the mother to give the girl in the ballet.

      Tatiana Navka has published a picture in which her daughter took one of the ballet positions. The wife of the press Secretary of the President drew an analogy with “Swan lake”. Apparently, the youngest daughter of a skater in the footsteps of the mother. But Tatiana talks about her sports career. She wants a child brought to life her dream is to perform “Swan dance”.

      “As a Swan Hope Peskov. Who knows, maybe someday a daughter realizes her mother’s dream to dance Swan!” – wrote in his microblog”.

      According to Tatyana, her daughter has every chance to realize themselves as a ballerina. In any case, it is well physically advanced. At two years old she is well rasstayutsya in absentia and gives mothers hope for a great future. Navka sure that any dream to be fulfilled. Likely that Tatiana would have been nice if her child is to become a figure skater and played something similar, but on the ice. She is well developed physically

      The opinions of the followers were divided. Some believe that Nadia is the place on the gymnastics Mat, the second believe that the girl needs to do ballet, and still others asking ” put her in figure skating. Anyway, fans of the Olympic champion agreed that the daughter of a famous mother in any case you will achieve your goals. A appeal is that it grows in good conditions, and parents will spare neither time nor effort to build a successful future Nadi.

      “Can Nadia and gymnastics to give. Stretching super!”, “We believe that You are implementing, and daughter! You’re an incredible strength and beauty of Personality that each of us is an example for growth and follow! Dear Tatiana, You’re our hero!”, “This little girl and the ballet!” – I wrote to subscribers in Instagram.

      We will remind that Tatyana has another daughter Alexandra from his first marriage with Alexander Zhulin. In may this year, she was 16 years old. She is actively engaged in creativity and often performs under the stage name Alexis. Sisters, I admit mom has developed quite a warm relationship. Parents wholeheartedly support Sasha in her endeavors. They want the same for my youngest heiress to Nadi.