Анджелина Джоли и Брэд Питт окончательно разъехались Celebrity couple no longer live together. The actress chose to leave her husband in the marital home in Hollywood and live in a Chalet in Malibu. Apparently, brad and Angelina fully ended the relationship.

      Divorce proceedings between Jolie and pitt became the most discussed topic for several years. Now the couple decided to part and live separately from each other. Jolie not hesitated to collect things from the house in California and moved to a Chalet in Malibu. She made it clear that the question of a possible conciliation and can not be. Six children will live with the mother, as Angelina said that her husband was violent with them.

      The reason for the divorce, Jolie and pitt referred to as French actress

      Against pitt, an investigation was initiated on the case of violence on the part of the actor, but it turned out to be unfounded. The trial began after a quarrel between pitt and eldest son Maddox during a flight on a private jet. One of the crew members reported the incident to the police. It is ironic that none of the witnesses had not appealed to the investigating authorities with an official statement. The opinions on this matter differed greatly, and the County Department for the protection of children there were not sufficient grounds for arrest of the actor. Moreover, the body of the Maddox was not discovered traces of beatings.

      Glvnoe, the challenge facing the stars of the movie – “to divide parental duties. Recall that Jolie forbids a spouse to fully engage children, however it is not going to limit pitt’s meeting with the heirs. At the same time the brad requires otherwise. Many close to the actor claim that he was not ready to go for divorce. For him, this news was a real blow.

      Friends brad pitt reported that his wife has locked all the rooms of an actor and completely isolated myself. She’s not willing to make any compromises and demands to deprive the husband of almost all the rights of fatherhood. Having moved into a new house in Malibu, the actress wants to avoid meeting with the head of the family. According to financial experts, the divorce will cost more than $ 400 million.