Марат Башаров мечтает вырастить из сына известного хоккеиста The actor is planning to put Marseille on skates in four years. Marat Basharov at the end of July became a dad adorable baby and is already making plans for the future. The actor admitted that can not wait, when my son grows up.

      Марат Башаров мечтает вырастить из сына известного хоккеиста

      Renowned actor Marat Basharov less than two months ago became a father for the second time. Marat Basharova was born the son

      Favorite female star Elizabeth Shevarkov Marat gave birth to son Marcel. Basharov incredibly happy for his fatherhood and had dreams about how it will play with the heir to hockey. As we know, Marat Basharov loves sports and is involved in hockey, football and tennis.

      After one of the hockey matches in which the team of the actor, alas, was defeated, Bashar gave an interview to the program NTV “You’re not gonna believe this!”, speaking about his intention to put his son Marcel on skates.

      “While he’s at home, still small, nothing at the rink to do. And when a little older, it will come with my mother to the matches to cheer for me, – said Marat Basharov with the authors of the transmission. And of course, I really want to become a hockey player. My mother must be about four at the rink brought. Here we are with Lisa will give Marseille hockey around the same age.”

      By the way, the ice career of Marat Basharova started with figure skating, but at the age of seven he was literally sick hockey and took up the sport, where he achieved some success. But at fourteen he got hurt, and hockey he had to leave. He resumed his career after becoming a famous actor. Played in the NHL (night hockey League), where former athletes and Amateurs play hockey. Then Basharov went to the team “mosquito” (team of artists), where he plays to this day.

      Hockey, in recognition of Marat Basharova, he’s Evangelical. He could miss the rehearsal in the theater, but the workout never. They play usually at night. The young wife of the actor, apparently, is not against his interests. Moreover, they do not come at the expense of the family. According to neighbors Marat Basharova, the actor, a wonderful father and attentive husband. And they often see him walking with his wife Elizabeth Savercool and young son.

      We will remind, Elizabeth Marat met in the social network. The girl herself wrote to him on Facebook, saying that he wants to meet with him. In response to the message the artist asked her to play where they managed to communicate. But soon the correspondence in the social network have stopped, but Lisa continued to follow the life of an idol. After a scandalous divorce with Basharova Catherine ancharovoj she decided to write him because I realized that he is now free. This time he responded immediately and invited Lisa over the border. The lovers then visited Prague, where we visited the bridge of lovers, and then went on other routes. Both very quickly realized that the part they don’t want, but because the romance continued.