Sandra bullock will be the sister of George Clooney

Сандра Буллок станет сестрой Джорджа Клуни
Actress intermarry with Hollywood actor in the near future.

Sandra Bullock


As it became known recently, the shooting of one of
the most intriguing film projects – “Eight oceans” — will begin this
month, in new York. Moreover, already determined the date of the premiere of the film — it will be released
the screens in June 2018.

That Hollywood decided for another
experiment — remove the all-female remake of the popular movie “ocean’s eleven”,
it became known in August of this year. To date, have already decided singer
all the main roles. The filmmakers managed to assemble a star-studded
composition: Sandra bullock, Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham-Carter, cate Blanchett, Rihanna,
Sarah Paulson, mindy Kaling and rapper Akvafina. The producers of the film will be George Clooney and Steven Soderbergh, who, incidentally, are also the authors of the idea of a new
the twist in the plot of the franchise. As assured the Director of the project, Gary Ross, new
the film will be a development and a continuation of the three previous parts of the series.

Recall that the first film about the
the charming rogue Danny Ocean was filmed in 1960, and then its role
played himself, Frank Sinatra, and the nearest assistant of the main character — Dean Martin. In
2001 the torch from Sinatra took George Clooney: it was he who reincarnated into ocean three
films — “11 friends of Oushena”, “12 friends
Oceans” and “13 friends Oushena”. The latest to date part of the franchise
viewers saw for the first time in 2007. And Director of all three films was Stephen

As for the plot of the new female version of “Friends
“Ocean’s, it is kept secret. However, how did the scout
reporters site мovieweb som, we are in the movie,
go about robbing the guests invited to the famous annual Ball of the Institute
Costumes – a charming gang of swindlers.
A 52-year-old Sandra bullock are the creators of the project was entrusted to the sister of Danny ocean not
appearing in the previous parts of the franchise. Rumor has it that Clooney three times
who played Danny will appear in the new film, but only in one episode.