Gluk’oza bared Breasts for dinner with a close friend

Глюк'оZа обнажила грудь на ужине с близким другом
The singer was criticized for promiscuity behavior.

Natalia Ionova with each other

Photo: @chistyakova_ionova Instagram Natalia Ionova

Natalia Ionova once again called on your page in the microblog controversy. The stumbling block according to the tradition, was causing the appearance of the singer. For the meeting with his old friend and colleague, which took place the other day, Natalie would seem to be a preferred business style in clothes: white shirt and black skirt. However, without provocation on her part is still not done. Probably, the blouse seemed Ionova too conservative, so she boldly undid it, exposing the Breasts and underwear.

Fans in recent years, often wonder how with such relaxed behavior be reconciled Natalia’s husband Alexander Chistyakov. After all, his wife has lately began to choose too revealing outfits to go out. And if we assume that at social events it just draws therefore the attention of the press, whose attention she attracts on friendly dinners at elite restaurants, remains for fans of mysteries.

However, Ionova, and this time there were many defenders. Many subscribers believe that the mother of two children, it’s not wrong to show others a magnificent figure, if any. And the fact that Natalia is in just lovely shape it’s hard to argue. We will remind that not so long ago, Natalia has appeared on a secular party where, by the way, was attended by Steven Seagal, with no underwear.