Семенович стала жертвой модного провала из-за Бородиной

Russian singer has published in his Instagram picture in which she posed in a brand new tracksuit design Ksenia Borodina. Outfit immediately provoked a storm of criticism from fans Semenovich.

Anna Semenovich is most often seen in modest feminine dresses. However, in everyday life they prefer a more casual and comfortable things. For example, the other day in her microblog appeared a photo on which she appeared in a black sports suit with star print. As it turned out, the outfit gave the singer her friend Ksenia Borodina.

“How nice to have a girlfriend, which is your brand and that spoils me with such nice gifts. Thank you, Ksunechka, the suit is just great, beautiful and very comfortable, I think it looks good on me. What do you think?”, – posted by S. below the picture.

Fans of the stars has taken a new image of the star is ambiguous. Microblogging Anna has turned into a real battlefield, which some users, frankly, didn’t mince words. Ksenia Borodina, involuntarily, became a fashionable cause of the failure of Anna Semenovich. “Not coming! Collective suit for the home. On the seventh km of such a star is full, and they are cheap China”, “Horrible dress”, “pyjamas,” commentators did not mince words. S. did not respond to the criticism.

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