Анна Калашникова показала свадебное платье

Before the wedding is just a couple of weeks, but the actress hasn’t chosen a dress in which will go to the altar.

As promised Prokhor Chaliapin and Anna Kalashnikova, April 15, the birthday Pugacheva, they finally get married. Turns out that before the celebration is just a couple of weeks. A good bridesmaid by now should be all set. But it seems that Anna Kalashnikova only now decided with your wedding dress.

The other day the actress attended the screening of exclusive dresses his girlfriend, fashion designer Svetlana Lyalina. In the “Instagram” girl posted a whole video on which models are walking in different wedding dresses. Video Kalashnikov unambiguously signed: “Gorgeous wedding dresses. Soon the wedding”.

Apparently, Anna has hinted that in one of these dresses we will see her on April 15 the day of the wedding. What about the omen that the groom should not see the bride dress before the wedding ceremony? Or is it the future wife of Prokhor Chaliapin decided just to create intrigue?

Soon find out, the wait is long.

“The date was chosen spontaneously. We originally wanted 15 th day, whether we like this number, – has told Anna. — March 15 turns a year old our son, and unfortunately, this day will be 40 days after the departure of our with Prokhor close friend. So we decided to reschedule for April. And then a registry office employee said: “you are Able to choose the date, is the birthday of Alla Pugacheva”. I’m sure everything will be fine, I thought”.

Videos submitted by ANNA KALASHNIKOVA (@annakalash) Mar 29 2016 2:01 PDT

Videos submitted by ANNA KALASHNIKOVA (@annakalash) 30 Mar 2016 11:06 PDT

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