Ryder Justin Bieber surprised the organizers of the concerts

Райдер Джастина Бибера удивил организаторов концертов

Requests artists are sometimes very puzzling concert organizers, and canadian singer Justin Bieber was the most “difficult case”. Recently, the contractor continued its world tour in India (the first concert in Mumbai on may 10) and his rider fell into the hands of journalists. Music browser Arjun es Ravi published official requests Justin, was shocked no less than the public.

So, his musical Highness Justin Bieber demand: “a box for yoga, full of fragrant oils and essences”, a Jacuzzi, dishes, named for its songs, fresh organic vegetables, the products of the brand Haribo and purple carnations. Still need 10 containers to transport personal belongings Bieber, ping-pong table, PlayStation, of your couch, Justin, refrigerator, massage table, Cabinet for clothes and a lot more strange. Cooking star breakfasts and dinners are the best cooks in the country, which will come up with new dishes, naming them in honor of the distinguished guest.
I must say that during the tour, Justin has already earned more than $ 200 million. According to estimates of the “Billboard”, 2.2 million tickets were sold in 122 countries around the world.
Earlier, Justin hurt of fans chasing him at the exit of the restaurant. Bieber asked them “not to behave like animals.”
“The more you scream and act like animals, the shorter will be our conversation,” — said the singer. He even needed a police escort to get to the hotel.