“That’s better!”: Irina Bezrukova acted without make up in true photo shoot

«Так лучше!»: Ирина Безрукова снялась без макияжа в правдивой фотосессии
The actress is not afraid to show the natural beauty.

Irina Bezrukova

Photo: @Instagram Irina irina_bezrukova_official Bezrukovoj

Irina Bezrukova regularly Shine on the red carpet. It is no secret that in order to make a striking appearance and outshine their fellow stars have to spend a few hours before the event in a beauty salon. However, many representatives of Russian show-business with horror, I think that can get to the lens invited the press without makeup.

But Bezrukov has decided to take part in the absolutely true photo shoot. The actress showed off her natural beauty and was very pleased with the result. Fans of Irina unanimously decided that the actress looks without makeup absolutely perfect. “This I know only the closest friends… real and vulnerable. Every photographer sees me differently. And it’s always a new discovery yourself!” — said the actress.

“Irina it’s even better!” “One of the best photos. I think here it’s real… Rare external beauty and internal, Very nice picture . And the same cute as always . Beauty is not in makeup, although it is not extra” “Naturalness, perhaps, the best decoration of any person,” wrote Irina.

Not so long ago Irina shared that in her life big changes are coming. She started a Grand renovation in the apartment in which he lived most of his life. The doctor was very worried temporary move to another home. Her apartment is connected most of the memories of the actress including about happy family life with her ex-husband, Sergei.