Райан Филипп серьезно пострадал на съемках
The actor will have to spend a lot of time in a hospital bed.

Райан Филипп серьезно пострадал на съемках

Ryan Phillippe


Shooting in the TV series
“Shooter” is costly for Ryan Philippe. The actor, who recently boasted,
that works almost without doubles, hurt his leg and arm.

42-year-old Philip
loves to perform his own stunts and proud of it. However, this time things did not
as he had expected. “This is a very difficult shooting. The arrows show that require
maximum physical “recoil”. Besides, the last two weeks we have been working in
the desert, where the temperature is above 45градусов…” — complained recently
the actor on his page in the social network. And recently there was footage from the filming of the TV show,
where Ryan is doing something astounding — jumping down
dizzying height. Here it is, as can be seen, and “ACE”…

The actor shared with
fans of fresh photo, where he lies in a hospital bed. At the same time,
his leg is in plaster, and hand — sealed with plaster. However, Ryan does not lose
optimism. “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. But still, thank you for
compassion!” – how Philip reacted to the sympathy of the fans about it

Last time
Ryan, who was last married to Reese Witherspoon, many successful. However, Reese,
which gave birth to Philip
two children(daughter ava is now 17
years, and son Deacon – 13), is not sitting without work, acting 2-3 movies in
year. And after his divorce from Reese, Ryan managed to acquire another child: his
girlfriend Alexis Knapp blessed him with a daughter — Kajlani. However, Philip had to break up with Alexis…

Ryan Phillippe

Photo: @ryanphillippe