Ольга Орлова празднует юбилей
The singer has described how grateful to my teachers.

Olga Orlova

Photo: Instagram

Olga Orlova marks an important date. Singer
realized that this year celebrates a kind of anniversary — twenty years
driving experience. On this occasion, the star decided to recall the difficulties
faced, having started to drive a car.

“I remembered the instructor who was annoyed and shouted that I
will never be able to drive a car, — said Orlov. — And after all it was my
dream… I was terribly upset, because I thought that really can’t handle. And
then I realized that so much depends not only from desire but also from a teacher!
You cannot plunge a person into stress, and wait for a great result! A few
classes we said goodbye, and then I was taught to drive by my friends. And it was just
buzz! They carefully gave me the basics that I still use today. And later
I was even winning in serious racing. And this is true for everything
we learn in life lessons, communication, negotiation, profession, personal life, and even
love. I am grateful to all my teachers for what I am today. And those who
want to help others to learn something, I want to ask: let’s take care of each

It is worth noting that Olga loves to learn and is not afraid
learn new skills, which sometimes require significant effort. So,
this year, Orlov tried on the brand new role of singer was
presenter of the project “Dom-2”. “The role of leading I was invited by the producers of “House-2″. We have recorded
only one issue, I find it hard even to judge, but I really liked it. Guys don’t
was surprised to see me, they probably already prepared for anything,” said