Пэрис Хилтон вернулась к  музыкальной карьере
Socialite sang with joy.

Paris Hilton

Photo: Instagram

Paris Hilton
which at the time was thought to elect career of the singer as the main
classes, decided to return to the vocal works. As reported by the singer, she
preparing a Remix of his debut single “Stars Are Blind”.

When Paris
released their first single — and this was in 2006-m year, he was recognized as extremely
successful, he then took the 18-th position in the Bilboard 100. And now Hilton wants to sing again. As
suggested fans of Paris, a desire she had from her that broke
happiness. Because according to Hilton, after years of searching, she found,
finally, the one…

Recently, a favorite Paris — actor Chris Zylka made in her honor tattoo writing on hand “Paris”
font that used by the film Studio Disney. And after that put in your
microblog photo “tattoo” and signed: “You are my fairy Princess!”. “God,
how lucky I am! My beloved thinks I’m a Princess! I just love it!” commented on Hilton’s words of Silky.

Incidentally, Paris
so sure of her feelings for Chris,
that, she said, ready to give birth to his
child. However, Hilton has plans to become a mother. She had hoped to nurse the baby
at the same time with her sister Nicky. Alas, her plan failed because Nike, who in the fall of 2015 married
billionaire James Rothschild, now waiting for their second child… Although
of course, Paris is early to despair, she has
there is still enough time, because she is only 36 years old. And with the help of
modern medicine many stars are known to become mothers and after