Андрей Чуев диктует жесткие условия избраннице The girl told about it in social networks. Andrey Chuev experiencing passionate feelings for 19-year-old Victoria. The man allowed her to dispose of his account in Instagram, and therefore she decided to get acquainted with its members and at the same time to know the opinion about the beloved.

More than a month ago former participant reality show “House-2” Andrey Chuev has unveiled its new darling. As it turned out, the girl two times younger men. Now, however, it became clear that while a couple called Andrew and Victoria yet. 19-year-old brunette admitted that Chuev puts some conditions in the relationship. The girl took the access to the page ex-member of the famous electroni for a while, and therefore decided to announce it to all subscribers of the account. New darling Andrey Chueva old enough to be his daughter

“To be his girlfriend, I have to earn it. I think to send him on all four sides, but he forbids me to do it. Although, frankly, “daddy” (as he calls himself) I like it. I have never had any pages in social networks, “daddy” said we will conduct one to two. Now my posts will appear here until I learn to your page,” wrote the girl, with the publication of his picture made in the kitchen.

Also she asked that members Chueva think about it: if he’s a good person and whether to trust him. Some followers began to share with her my observations and even give advice on what she needs to do to settle permanently in his heart.

“So, basically, in one word. he’s cool. Always gets her way, just, if you’re a good girl, he will move mountains for you”, “Beautiful, good. The main thing – loyalty, love, understanding. And most important of all – support from you Andrew spiritual – and it is yours forever, and yours. Would do anything for you. And the family is good work,” “do not look, do what you think is right! I’m sure that only a grown man can teach and educate you a great woman” – opinions of fans Andrew.

However, some felt that the girl is not a man – she’s too young for him. However, Andrew ardently confessed his love to Victoria. “Your scent, taste the sky, your smile, my “weather”, you are gentle, simple, pure and your body the taste of a juicy complement your eyes, thank you, heaven,” wrote Chuev.