Актер «Ранеток» Сергей Бездушный превратился в затворника незадолго до гибели The actor of theatre and cinema, died on Wednesday, July 13, after a long illness. Until recently, the relatives of Sergei Soulless did not disclose the details of his last days, however the other day mother-in-law celebrity shared this information with journalists.
Актер «Ранеток» Сергей Бездушный превратился в затворника незадолго до гибели

Last week friends of the actor Sergei Soulless announced the sad news. The actor died after a long illness. The actor was 53 years old. In 2013, the man underwent brain surgery after breaking vnutricerepnae hematoma resulting from the injury. In addition, a Soulless found a benign tumor.

Died the star of the series “Capercaillie” and “Ranetki” Sergei Soulless

The son of theater and film actor Philip shared on his page in social networks that “in recent years, he struggled with a terrible disease, and fought heroically, giving no hint to anyone”. After some time, journalists contacted the mother-in-law of actor Alla Vladimirovna. The woman told about how he spent his days shortly before the sad event.

“Sergei had four surgeries. Then refused another of the doctors, turned off all the phones and locked myself in the apartment. When the door opened, Sergei was unconscious. Was taken to the hospital, but not saved…” – said Alla Vladimirovna.
Актер «Ранеток» Сергей Бездушный превратился в затворника незадолго до гибели

Later Philip Soulless said that the parting with his father will be held on Monday, July 17. The funeral of actor planned at the Church of St. Nicholas on Ryabinovaya street. Immediately after this took place the funeral procession, which took place at the cemetery Troekurov.

We will add that in September Sergey Heartless would have celebrated his 54th birthday. The actor died Wednesday, July 12. After studying at the famous “Sliver” actor worked at the Moscow art theatre and Taganka Theatre. Just on account of men – more than thirty roles in TV series and movies, including “cold case,” “Ranetki” “Hour Volkova”, “Wedding ring” and “beetles”.

Relatives and friends are Heartless publish posts to social networks, which wanted him to rest in peace. Among those who expressed condolences to relatives of the actor, turned Director and actor Alexander elisaratel.

“To The Memory Of Sergei Soulless. Today was not a talented Russian actor, good person Sergei Callous, my friend. The bright memory of you, Serge. Mourn and remember” – he wrote on his page in social networks.

Memories of the man also shared Igor Neosistec. “Death is already beginning to take people from our generation. Today died my classmate and old friend Sergei Heartless…” said the man on Facebook.

We will add that during a recent conversation with the correspondent mother-in-law of actor Alla Vladimirovna told reporters that he was supported by his colleague Alexander Domogarov. “I saved money, helped with treatment, but there is nothing to do about it has been impossible”, she said “Express newspaper”.