Эммануил Виторган и Ирина Млодик стали жертвами дерзкого ограбления In the house of the spouses has been infiltrated by criminals. About Emmanuil Vitorgan Irina Mlodik told reporters. According to people’s artist of Russia, the thieves have a sophisticated flavor – the attackers encroached on cigars and jewelry.

People’s artist of Russia Emmanuil Vitorgan, like many domestic stars, often resting in Jurmala. The actor has a property on the Baltic coast. However, recently the stay of the celebrity in the resort city was marred by an unpleasant incident. As it turned out that unidentified attackers broke into the house Vitorgan and robbed him.

First wrote about the incident the spouse of a celebrity Irina Mlodik. A woman reported that criminals entered the house and robbed Vitorgan star.

“I write, because it has become, unfortunately, know… We arrived in Jurmala with a good mission! It is a pity that someone did not understand… to Touch the house people’s artist of Russia Emmanuil Vitorgan – that’s…! This evening we celebrated five years “Vitorgan-club” in Latvia! Favorite in Jurmala… We live on the street of the Theater… Maybe those bad people will read it and find out in whose house they dared… And will be ashamed… And once the actor was untouchable…Bitterly…” – said one of the beloved celebrity on Facebook.

Journalists contacted Emanuel Gedeonovich to comment on the situation. The actor said that has addressed in police with the statement. In recognition of the theater and movie stars, they with his wife in shock from what happened.

In addition, Vitorgan noted that the house was open. According to celebrity, it cleaned assistant. Emmanuel gedeonovich also reported that no obvious signs of forced entry. The artist believes that the attackers knew whose house they were in. During the conversation with reporters Vitorgan shared his suspicions about the identity of the perpetrators.

“Nobody wants to suspect it’s awful. But in our house there was a huge number of people they helped us with the repair. Only took all Irina’s jewelry. And nothing more! Well my cigars. Decided to smoke, I guess. I have a few years was a box of Cuban cigars, gave me. I didn’t smoke,” said Emmanuel gedeonovich

While talking to journalists, Vitorgan said that among thieves, in his opinion, very refined tastes. “Only cigars and jewelry”, – stated the artist. As reported by Emmanuel gedeonovich, the attackers are not even interested in the clothes and other things belonging to him and Irina Mlodik. “Everything was in place. No clothes, nothing. It is even more interesting”, – quotes the star of theatre and cinema “the Komsomol truth”.