Malezhik’s wife has accused the star producer in stroke husband

Жена Малежика обвинила звездного продюсера в инсульте мужа Wife of the honoured artist of Russia, outraged by the behavior of the organizer of the concert of Yuri Bondarchuk. Tanya Malezhik claims that the man tricked famous musician by not paying the promised fee. A few days after the incident, the contractor did not feel well.
Жена Малежика обвинила звездного продюсера в инсульте мужа

A month ago on the official website of Vyacheslav Malezhik appeared information about the fact that the artist suffered a stroke. It was reported that stormy concert activity took the artist a lot of effort and energy, therefore, started health problems.

Vyacheslav Malezhik recovering from a stroke

After some time the wife of the musician Tatyana shed light on the reasons why he did not feel well. The woman declared that Vyacheslav Efimovich became ill after the experience of stress caused by the deception of the organizer. According to the beloved musician, he was the victim of a producer with a loud name – Yuriy Bondarchuk. This Tatyana said on the NTV program “Emergency”.

“We had three concerts. Barely got over the first concert, part the second. I said that on the third concert, we will not go until you bring what we talked about, that amount of money. He is not brought, we gave the concert. Took tickets at his own expense and flew to Moscow, and after four days we have had a stroke. So the credit goes to that Yuri in our stroke,” said the woman.
Жена Малежика обвинила звездного продюсера в инсульте мужа

According to the wife of Malezhik, he lost about one million rubles. Currently the contractor is continuing to recover after a stroke. According to journalists, now the artist doesn’t get up. All the money that gets Vyacheslav Efimovich, go to recovery and treatment.

Yuri Bondarchuk, the producer, as the correspondent, stopped communicating. It is worth noting that Vyacheslav Malezhik – not the only actor who complained about the man. Besides him, the deception on the part of the concert organizer said Rodion Gazmanov and brothers Ponomarenko. Celebrity decided to file a class action lawsuit against Bondarchuk.

“Attention, fraud! Name Is Yuri. At the meeting, dragged him with his feet, very relieved. Yura stood several artists with the fees and at the moment it is the Prosecutor’s office of Crimea, but he’s still trying to work. Maximum repost. Disappeared and turned off his phone,” wrote the judge in his microblog.
Жена Малежика обвинила звездного продюсера в инсульте мужа

According to Gazmanov, on tour in Simferopol happened to him a very unfortunate incident. Before going on stage the singer said that the concert will take place at his expense. As it turned out, the producer refused to pay the fee.

“It’s not a question of money, because we now are, are well, a lot. First, I do not like when someone is cheating, and secondly, I don’t want a similar situation again with someone from fellow artists,” said Rodion during the conversation with journalists.