Рустам Солнцев: «Пока Смерфит крутит шашни с молодыми, Боня отмалчивается» The showman spoke to the presenter. Rustam Solntsev believes that the new beloved Alex Smurfit managed to surprise him in bed. The man calls Victoria Bonia to comment on the situation that caused them to break with the millionaire.

Despite the fact that since the breakup of the Russian TV presenter and former member of the scandalous TV project “Dom-2” Victoria Boni and son of the Irish billionaire Alex Smerfit six months passed, and rumors about their couple not subside until now. According to media reports, 37-year-old Victoria and failed to register a relationship with a businessman from Rostov model Ekaterina Aleshkina, which is much younger than enviable groom. After parting with Bony Alex really was several times seen in the society is bright brunette from Rostov, however, as in the company of other girls, as interest in Smurfit greatly increased, as he found freedom. Who millionaire husband dumped Victoria Bonia

Showman Rustam Solntsev could not leave without attention the situation with Bony and new lover of her former common law spouse. Every week in my column “Mamadorogaya” he maintains the blog, Solntsev gives to the colleagues on show business juicy characteristics. This time spoke to the presenter.

“Vikie, dear, something I do not understand, why are you silent? Gone where? – opened his speech Rustam. – I understand that your vegan showdown with Maxim Galkin – this is the height of wit, but it is impossible to listen to. That moment when your ex, millionaire Smurfit turns tricks with young girls, you keep silent. How can you? Does he not understand “Chardonnay” 40 years of aging – this is the best wine. And even a three-day borschets sour, even when it is slightly wrong – it’s much tastier than the fresh ones Just need to add sour cream and greens will be the most… Vic, talk to me, please tell me, we all wonder what Smurfit? Actually, I think you have something to say about it, because you never commented on the situation with your break…”

Solntsev sure Bonia is still not recovered from the breakup with Alex, which is why she tries nothing to inform the public about the last months of their relationship.

“Of course, it’s a shame that he never married and preferred a young woman – says Rustam. – But what: the years go by, beautiful girls grow, and Bonia are getting any younger. Maybe a new lady Alex in bed surprised – there only remains to guess… on the other hand, I would place Vick soared – still the stranger made her such a cool daughter, and to ensure that they will be until retirement, will not allow for a handbasket to go. So Vic did a great job, in my opinion”.