Из сердца вон: звезды, которые отреклись от родных братьев и сестер Many celebrities shunning their loved ones. For some, the occasion was of old conflicts that they still can’t forget. Others are embarrassed of differences in social status. “StarHit” remember those artists, who bred with their relatives.
Из сердца вон: звезды, которые отреклись от родных братьев и сестер

Famous people easy to build up a warm relationship with the fans, but it can be ignored brothers and sisters. Years of resentment toward loved ones develop into a habit not to think about the existence of family members. And total oblivion is the best outcome. Sometimes quarrels and scandals become public and lead of celebrities in the courtroom.

Renata Litvinova

The actress has two stepsisters and a brother. 54-year-old Timur Vergasov – from the first marriage of his father, 43-year-old Julia and 45-year-old Veronica – third. About their existence Litvinova tries not even to think. Dad she harbored resentment for many years ago, when he left the family. With his children, she did not maintain contact. The celebrity herself has not commented on the situation. But her family, who managed to find the “StarHit”, says that not once tried to remind the star of family.

First, many years ago, sisters Litvinova tried to make contact with a celebrity, but then I realized that it was a mistake. After falling on Renata glory many would like to become her family. After waiting several years, Veronica and Julia once again attempted to get closer to edinokrovnaya.

Из сердца вон: звезды, которые отреклись от родных братьев и сестер“I learned that I have an older sister, 13 years old, his father had died, she told me mom. But then I was little, I have not had any particular desire to meet her. Later, in adulthood, we somehow tried to chat. Remember, more than 10 years ago came to her on the set of the film “the Goddess: how I fell in love” with Veronica, they’re somehow agreed to meet,” – said in an exclusive interview with “StarHit” Julia Vergasova.
Из сердца вон: звезды, которые отреклись от родных братьев и сестер

The woman said that during the filming of family and failed to communicate. In her opinion, Litvinova, the eldest is all the time referred to the employment process, but actually demonstrated a lack of interest in him.

It should be noted that the brother and sister Renata – pretty successful people and hardly waiting for his famous relative for financial assistance. Veronica and Julia live in Moscow. Veronica is engaged in the production of clothes, fur has its own boutique. Julia is an architect and designer. Timur – restorer.

Из сердца вон: звезды, которые отреклись от родных братьев и сестер

Boris and Konstantin Burdaeva, the group “the Brothers Grimm”

In 2005 they conquered the musical Olympus. Their hit single “Eyelashes” then sang the whole country. Critics predicted a great future for the two brothers-twins.

Из сердца вон: звезды, которые отреклись от родных братьев и сестер

Four years, the choir has toured, recorded new songs, their popularity grew day by day. But in 2009, the rocker said that the band broke up. Only a few years ago, one of the band members told me what had really happened. Boris was tired of touring, tired from lots of physical activity and asked my brother to take a little break. However, Constantine, who understood that fame is a fragile phenomenon, was not going to make a pause or to give relief to a fellow relative. And teach him quite severely. Overnight, he banned his access to mail, which came all the invitations for performances, found another singer and continued to tour by himself. And devoid of life star Bob left the capital.

“On the coast I am not offended, no shares in the answer is not going to hold. When he learned of the decision, went to Moscow, took their belongings and returned home. All this pandemonium, we had three years in a row, to be honest, very tired,” – said in an interview Boris.

Boris returned to his native Samara, where for some time he came to himself after the incident. He repeatedly tried to talk to my brother, but Constantine was adamant and made it clear that a return to the past will not be. Amazingly, the impulse to coast talking about his blood relative never stooped to obscene expressions. He always said that he was tired as shouldered an incredible burden, and so he had to quit the band.

To this day musicians do not support the relationship. Each of them separately build a musical career. Boris Grim turned to his brother after years of conflict

The Samoilov brothers, the group “Agatha Christie”

The leaders of the mega rock group “Agata Kristi” also does not communicate very long. The stumbling block was creative differences.

Из сердца вон: звезды, которые отреклись от родных братьев и сестер

More than 20 years the brothers were a great tandem, both on stage and in life they were best friends. But in 2010, the artists have disappointed their fans by announcing the breakup of the band. Then the stars were able to disperse peacefully, without quarrels and reproaches.

In 2015 soloists of the group reunited to give a jubilee concert. In that time, celebrities realized that the gap between them. Older brother Vadim was not satisfied lyrics younger, and Gleb wondered how you can leave the public without such important verses. The disagreement began because of political views that relatives did not match.

Из сердца вон: звезды, которые отреклись от родных братьев и сестер

The conflicts destroyed the team’s creativity, so in the end, the artists quarreled to the nines. The reason for the gap also began a quarrel over money. Vadim took his fees for commemorative nostalgic concerts 2015. After a while it became clear that to return the debt, he is not going. And his younger brother Gleb has filed a lawsuit against his relative, forbidden to sing songs, the author of which he was. To this day Samoilov are unable to reconcile.

Из сердца вон: звезды, которые отреклись от родных братьев и сестер

Nikita Dzhigurda

The flamboyant showman could turn into a farce anything, starting from birth and ending with the wife’s family scandals. So recently the whole country watched Nikita showdown with elder brother Sergey live.

The chair met with his only relative in order to dispel previous false accusations against him. It several months never left the house, through the difficult period. As told by a native artist, Nikita began to abuse drugs.

Sergey admitted that he wanted to save a loved one. Therefore, he demanded from his wife Marina Anisina those immediately surrender wife in a psychiatric hospital. But Nikita was not grateful for this care and recalled relative to all the good that was done. Thereby hinting at the desired response.

“Have you spoken to Marina, my wife, “Give him to the nuthouse! Call mom”. And she called my mom Jadwiga, and she said, “don’t listen to Sergey, he is jealous”. Think about your conscience,” shouted brother live Nikita.

TV show, where on display were exhibited of a family quarrel, Nikita Dzhigurda brightened and the bright flashes of anger and begging for forgiveness on his knees, but truly to make peace with the brother of the star and failed.

Из сердца вон: звезды, которые отреклись от родных братьев и сестер

Maria Shukshina

Long-term family conflict in the family Sukhinah does not end in a final truce. Argument and public proceedings between the mother and daughter touched and sisters Mary and Olga. The stories of the youngest of them, Mary from childhood was an outsider, growing up, wasn’t looking for companies Oli. The carve-up of the apartment is completely alienated from her sister.

Frankly Masha and Olga never fought and never swore in public. The witness for this story fans the impression that the famous actress has just decided to forget about the existence of Olga. But the younger sister constantly reminds me. A year ago, she openly admitted in the documentary film “Olga Shukshina. If dad fervor alive…”, he misses the family, the mother and ready to forgive the wrongs that stretch from childhood.

Из сердца вон: звезды, которые отреклись от родных братьев и сестер

Peak family conflict occurred in 2013. Then Lydia Fedoseyev-Shukshin was evicted from his Moscow apartment grandson Vasily, son of Olga. The latter has taken to heart such a trick of a mother and publicly reminded that there is its share. Sunshiny many years, solved the housing issue in the courts. A few months ago the ice was broken, but has not yet melted.

Nastasya Samburski

Star of TV series “Univer” has been removed from the lives of their relatives. Family actress lives in a small provincial town of Rtishchevo Saratov region, where a celebrity likes to go. And it is not in the employment of Nastasia. The reason lies in the long-term conflict with relatives, one of which recently became public.

The brother of the artist Grigory Terekhov, which the whole country learned after Samburski participated in the show “Battle of psychics,” said his sister never calls, writes, neither he nor the mother. No financial assistance from her either. And so cold and indifferent, according to the man, she was a child. Already at the age of ten, the future actress believed that she will be a great future, and therefore did not seek help around the house.

The star herself admitted that the cause of the quarrel was the audacious trick of her once beloved brother. Becoming popular, the woman wanted to help him. Even paid for the studies that the relative was able to get a decent education and to be a respected intellectual by profession. But Gregory did not appreciate her concern. He left the University and got a job as a loader. Since then, the brother and sister quarrel.

Terekhov himself does not deny that in the words of Nastasia has some truth. But he said he had to leave from school to support the family.

“Thanks to her help, I entered the University in Saratov, three years of schooling. She paid my tuition. First entered the commercial Department, because they didn’t believe in himself, and then was transferred to the budget. She helped me not sweating over financial difficulties. And then, when missing such an opportunity, I went to work, and threw this University,” – said in an interview with Gregory.

Victoria Bonia

Teledive and her sister Angela’s complicated relationship. Vika almost no mention of cousin: no picture with social networks, not a single word in an interview. But the 37-year-old Angela never mind telling the journalists about all the family secrets.

For example, two years ago, she gave a Frank interview in which has told that has long been trying to conquer the Russian show business. However, the famous sister, she does not expect. Presenter, “Instagram” which is literally replete with various products, never mentioned the Barber Angela. “StarHit” told me that a relative of Victoria Boni also sells drugs for weight loss. But here, the woman says she has to rely only on themselves.

Из сердца вон: звезды, которые отреклись от родных братьев и сестер

Angela told me that the conflict occurred because of the ingratitude of the younger sister. The elder says that he gave her his lucky ticket in show business. According to the businessman, it was approved on the casting show “Dom-2”, which was just gaining popularity. However, due to pregnancy, a woman has decided to postpone the participation in the project, giving the place Victoria. The participation in the famous telestroke and brought Beaune crazy popular.

Victoria herself has not commented on the stories the sisters and prefers not to discuss in public his relationship with Angela.

Victoria Lopyreva

Host and model was in the midst of a scandal because of his sister Emilia Cruz. 24-year-old woman two years ago made public his relationship with Vick.

She told reporters that struggled with serious illness – cancer. At a time when Cruz was in desperate need of assistance, first of all, the material, the celebrity didn’t want to help. As told by the younger sister, she begged to save her, but met with cold indifference by a relative.

Is the celebrity the first few days after raging in the media of the scandal was trying to be above family squabbles. However, statements made by the mother of the stars, explaining that Emilia was born in the second marriage of his father Vicky, with whom the woman and her famous daughter did not speak.

“We in this family do not contact, so to know what is happening in their family, of course, neither I nor she could not. If all really was and is not a duck, that this girl was ill and recovered, thank God! What do they say? What we have not given money? Maybe we would not have given, but they are not addressed. Not have them in our lives, you know?” – mother explained Victoria.

To this day, the model does not communicate with his sister. Wanting to put an end to the scandalous stories, Victoria wrote in a microblog that does not want to go to a truce.

“Many years have passed, and two days ago I saw an interview with his half-sister, who told us about his illness, and her reproaches to my address. I called my dad to hear that this is a misunderstanding. I wish I didn’t. I hung up the phone and realized that I had just lost my father a second time. In the last… How to live with it?” — wrote about the incident with the sister and father of Viktoriya Lopyreva.