Detained in Turkey Russian family refuses to return home

Задержанная в Турции российская семья отказывается возвращаться на родину Svetlana Utkina and Eugene Kochari tried to get into Syria. They are now in the deportation center. According to some, they wanted to cross the Syrian-Turkish border with fake documents.
Задержанная в Турции российская семья отказывается возвращаться на родину

Eugene Kochari and Svetlana Utkina left Russia in mid-June, along with two children: six-year-old Lisa and her infant sister. The couple bought tickets to Turkey at one end. According to relatives, they have carefully considered the escape plan and adherence to the organization “Islamic state”, which is prohibited in the territory of the Russian Federation.

The first alarm sounded the ex-husband of Svetlana, Sergey Ukhanov. He was allowed to export to Turkey of their overall six year old daughter Elizabeth, but only until the 30th of June. The woman claimed that goes on vacation along with heir, but shortly after departure we stopped communicating.

24-year-old Svetlana Utkina embraced Islam immediately after, she married Eugene Kochari. According to their relatives, the family held radical views.

“They abandoned the television and computer, has ceased to drive a child to kindergarten. On the screen the social networks they have started to appear, armed men. She and the kids wore those horrible black scarves”, – says Valery Ukhanov, father ex-husband of Svetlana.

Sergey Ukhanov not talked with the ex-wife of her interest in religion. He also claims that he was not personally acquainted with new elect Svetlana. “My friends once spoke with him. Saying that was a normal, fun guy, no joke did not pass. And then converted to Islam and has changed a lot,” says the man.

Later Svetlana gave themselves known by sending a close message. The woman didn’t want to draw to this situation attention.

“She got the SMS in which the former wife had asked him not to seek them and not to make noise. Second of July we went to Turkey, was looking for them in Istanbul, Ankara, tried to solve the problems each of their channels. The seventh of July it became clear that the family will be on the plane flying to Baku”, – said father Sergei, Valery Wuhan.

On this day, Svetlana and her daughters should have been sent to Istanbul to smuggle in Baku. According to some sources, the children showed a Azerbaijan passport. Sergey Ukhanov says that the documents were forged.

The family returned to the deportation center, located on the border with Syria, in Hatay province, because I wanted to check the papers.

Sergey Ukhanov, emitted in Turkey, said that he was able to see my daughter for the twelfth of July, but the girl refused to return to Russia. The man himself is confident that six-year-old Lisa wants to go home, but due to the fact that nearby stood a mother, she was afraid to tell me about their desires.

At the moment, Russian citizens are in a deportation center for the eighth day in a row. Sergey Ukhanov refuses to leave the Hatay province, and his family is already connected to the case of the FSB and the foreign Ministry. Besides, the man hired a Turkish lawyer. Now he can think about is how to get daughter to Russia. In an interview with “Medusa” Sergei admitted that ex-wife is afraid to return home. She believes that her house is in serious danger.