Рустам Солнцев: «Муж простушки Пелагеи все равно от нее уйдет» The showman spoke about the scandal around the star pair. According to Rustam Solntsev, Ivan Telegin are not a couple for Pelagia. He was surprised, as the singer had insulted the girl that supposedly cheated on her husband.

Long fans of the singer Pelageya she was glad her family idyll with the hockey player Ivan by Telegony. Last week a young man photographed kissing an unknown girl. The picture appeared on the Internet. Pelageya has responded to calls from journalists, saying that can’t control all the girls of easy virtue who hung on her husband. However, later it became known that the heroine of the scandalous video was not a stranger Telegino girl, and his old friend.

Showman Rustam Solntsev could not leave without attention the family situation Pelagia and spoke about it in his weekly column “Mamadorogaya”, which is specifically for “StarHit”.

“You know, the husband of singer Pelageya was spotted during kiss with a stranger – began his video the sun. – Pretty, cute, too. Pelagia, for me, is plain from the cover of the magazine “Farmer”, but the girl is good – ruddy, plump. I love these! But Telegin, her husband, tall, athletic guy, anywhere. And once, again, she took him from his family. And now she flew in “the return”… And status to keep a man does not work. Though Pelagia and hanging out somewhere on the “First channel”, in personal life, it did not help. The handsome man is still gone the beautiful. A girl in jeans alone. But you, Pelageya, don’t be sad. Find yourself a normal man – tractor. Tolik that called. And everything in your life will go smoothly”.

Showman notes that Pelagia knowingly allows himself loud statements in the address of the opponent. “Calling her a woman of easy virtue, she classifies himself among them, says the sun. – After all, when Pelagia began to meet with Telegony, he was married, he barely had a baby. But our star is not confused… now she is exactly in the same situation – they are with Ivan’s daughter in January was a year old, it turns out, everyone who is trying to grab the attention Telegin – fallen ladies? No, honey, they just behave the way I acted when you. Karma has not been canceled!”