Участница «Дома-2» призналась, что ее пытался развратить родной отец Anastasia balinsky was frankly told about the difficult childhood. The girl told what humiliation experienced from his own father, as he experienced his betrayal and how he, according to her, molested her daughter.

Anastasia balinsky is a relatively new member on the project “Dom-2”. She appeared on the telestroke in December 2017. But the girl quickly gaining popularity in the project and in social networks, despite the fact that while it could not with whom to make love.

In the “Dom-2” Nastya has a mixed reputation, many people believe that the girl is a complicated character. She tried to establish a relationship with Alexei Kudryashov, but did not. The girl is friends with Roman Gritsenko and admires anchorman Andrei Cherkasov…

Nastya was born and raised in the Belarusian city of Grodno, mom worked, dad was often drunk. Then the parents are divorced, and 12 years Anastasia lived with her mother. Balinsky and his father remarried and went to live overseas with a new family. About Nastya said in a Frank interview. She also made a shocking confession that her own father tried to corrupt her.

“My dad doesn’t live with me 12 years. He flew to America to be with another family. My mom and he never helped. Many years later we met, but instead to see how I was doing, dad juicy and lusty touched my ass” – said the participant of “House-2”.

Nastya has left Belarus and went to conquer Moscow. Over time, as it seemed the girl, she was able to come to terms with the past and even wanted to establish relations with the Pope. Balinsky she wrote to my father, asked me to support her financially and morally, but the man refused her own daughter, said that she “never need”.

Member of telestroke bitterly recalls how even after these messages, hoping that the father will congratulate her with birthday. And Nastia’s father congratulated his daughter, but after it aired on the TV show spoke about a difficult relationship with a parent. “And he sent me the phone as a gift on birthday. Apparently, it was too early to tell what he is, so he somehow reacted to my own daughter,” said balinskaya Dom2Life.ru.