Rustam Solntsev saving money on a surrogate mother

Рустам Солнцев копит деньги на суррогатную мать Showman decided to become a father. 41-year-old Rustam Solntsev dreams of a child. He doesn’t want to get married and bound by family ties, and therefore ready to resort to a stranger. The former participant “Houses-2” believes that his kid should be an interesting appearance.
Рустам Солнцев копит деньги на суррогатную мать

The entertainer, who recently turned 41 years old, dreams about the baby and wants to use a surrogate mother. To pay her the reward of half a million rubles, the sun is ready to part with its exclusive motorcycle brand Honda NRX1800 Valkyrie Rune.

“I’ve been wanting to become a dad – says Rustam “StarHit”. But family life sick and tired, the woman do not even need me. But the child needs! So I decided to resort to the popular method today surrogacy. Recently did my friend “hired” a woman gave birth to a beautiful daughter. Also want to be babied!”

“Dream on fat boy, to get it to run on the bar. If there is a wish to bear a child for money, write “Direct” on Instagram. But there is one condition: according to the documents, the baby should belong only to me, to share it with anyone not going. Breast feeding – and goodbye. Education will do itself”.
Рустам Солнцев копит деньги на суррогатную мать

Rustam all free from work and touring time on the websites of the agencies providing the services of surrogate mothers, and hopes that the next New year will celebrate in the company of your son.

“It is important that the expectant mother was full-blooded Russian, – tells the sun. – Of mixed blood, the child will be an interesting appearance”.

Rustam admitted that makes a living doing events. Despite the fact that now in connection with crisis his income dropped, he will be able to provide the child a comfortable existence. Moreover, it helps financial the mother – showman admitted that weekly puts her on the map more than 20 thousand rubles.

Over the years the sun carefully studying surrogates maternity and understands the risks to which he goes. However, he is eager to become a father, but because the difficulties do not scare me.Rustam Solntsev: “Looking for a surrogate mother for your child»

“The point is not easy, a lot of subtleties – for example, lawyers, I learned that clients surrogate mothers unprotected people, the woman always has the right to keep the child, even if you kept the entire pregnancy… But I don’t stop I believe that fate will bring me someone who will make me a father,” – said Rustam earlier in an interview with “StarHit”.