Звезда сериала «Пятая стража» Альбина Чайкина борется с раком The theater and film actress openly talked about what she had to go. Some time ago Albina chaykinoy was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. A young woman was prescribed chemotherapy. The news about the terrible diagnosis was a shock for the artist.
Звезда сериала «Пятая стража» Альбина Чайкина борется с раком

33-the summer actress of theatre and cinema Albina Chaikin, familiar to viewers for her role as Lydia in the series “the Fifth guard”, told reporters about his battle with cancer. A young woman was diagnosed with second stage cancer of the lymph nodes or Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Currently, Albina is undergoing chemotherapy. 14 Feb chaykinoy will need to have control CT scan that will show how successful her treatment.

Звезда сериала «Пятая стража» Альбина Чайкина борется с раком“I am convinced that all is well, but fear is. In any case, you will have lots and lots to recover, – said the actress to journalists. – Not a year even, the organism is poisoned. For me it is even harder treatment. The nails fall off, the lashes in the second round will fall out”.

That it is not all good health, she began to suspect last March. Then the young women inflamed lymph nodes. Eventually she began to tire quickly and Wake up in a cold sweat. Chaikin initially decided that overtired. A month later, Albina went on a operation of hands – once upon a time she put the prosthesis, but then the problems started.

To medical intervention in the chaykinoy and enlarged lymph nodes in the neck. Another lump formed after the operation, when Albina came in and developed the hand. The actress got scared and signed up for the ultrasound. Experts have suspected that she had cancer. This news came as a shock to Albina.

“I’m hysterical and crying. Ten days I lived in terror, but in the rejection – I was sure at 99% that all will be well. The same can not be wrong. Not me for sure. Tried to distract myself, but every day I cried, couldn’t sleep, eat,” she says.

A young woman believes that health problems provoked wrong to put the prosthesis. “During this time he has done so much trouble in hand that the immune system has gone mad” – shared the actress. When fear of doctors was confirmed, she started looking for oncologists. Chaikin decided not to do a break in work and continued to play in the theater.

Colleagues genuinely marveled at the steadfastness of the actress, which was very tough – both physically and mentally. Albina lost a lot of weight and started to experience a sort of withdrawal. Friends literally shoved in her food.

“Chemistry cumulative, gradually been getting worse and worse. And every day the body that something is thrown. Walking down the street – and suddenly refused his feet. With teeth something, that vision is fuzzy, the ears. Day and night, always sick. Feel pregnant. The first courses of chemistry I, he could only eat cold beetroot soup. Did not eat anything any more, I was shaking. Then showered hair, and, of course, had to shave. Wisps of hair were in his hands. It was very scary,” she said.

Have chaykinoy also there have been nervous breakdowns and panic attacks. The actress felt inadequate and could not explain what was happening to her. Albina asked the therapist for help, who prescribed her a sedative. “It’s still going on, but not to the same extent, of course,” Chaikin added in an interview with “Rain”.