Рустам Солнцев: «Диане Шурыгиной не место на «Доме-2» The man believes that the infamous girl should not go on the project. The last few days the public is actively discussing fallen on Diana Shurygina job offers, among which, as reported, was the participation in the sensational reality show.

      Рустам Солнцев: «Диане Шурыгиной не место на «Доме-2»

      17-year-old Diana Shurygina from Ulyanovsk last month has gained nationwide fame. The first of April last year, the girl went to the police, accusing the 21-year-old Sergei Semenov of rape. The court found the young man guilty and in December of 2016, was sentenced to a prison term of 8 years. After the verdict in groups of social network “Vkontakte” appeared the community in support of the parties to the conflict: someone thought the injured Diana, others claimed that an intimate relationship between young people was consensual. The media picked up the news, Diana was invited to become the heroine of the program “Let them talk”, to tell his version of the incident. Today captured five issues involving girls. At the end of one of them held the appeal in which Sergey reduced the sentence to three years and three months.

      Struck Diana fame has provided her a lot of job offers from filmmakers and businessmen, and now in the Network actively discussed the possible participation of Shurygino in the scandalous project “Dom-2”. Showman Rustam Solntsev, who was present at the shooting of the 4th part of “Let them talk”, dedicated to Shurygina, says on this subject and analyzes, will survive if girl on the famous telestroke. Commercial offer

      “I think the character of Diana Shurygina will not be in demand at the “House-2”, – says Rustam. – When he was popular, and the sympathy of the audience won simpleton type Olya Buzova, which the project acquired the fame of the show, which involved not the smartest people. But Olya-we grew up there, and will grow Diana? It’s a big question…
      Рустам Солнцев: «Диане Шурыгиной не место на «Доме-2»

      You have to understand that the system of the reality show averages of people. She does not tolerate leadership. Take a look at the participants of the last years – among them, because there are those who something stands out, they are all basically the mass – people of little memorable, a week after leaving each of them with the project, the audience will not remember what they looked like. If before the “Dom-2” has produced famous people, which are known to all Russia, but now this happens: all the participants are absolutely average as pencils out of the box. So I doubt that Diana would fit in with this crowd of mediocrity. It is not necessary, she is now at the peak of popularity, if properly use it, can make a career out of it.

      The rapist Diana Shurygina turned to her

      Why would she want to go to the “House-2″, where her actions will condemn people who do not are hypocrites? Any special conditions, for example, the leading face Titov, the organizers of the show it will not be offered, because this will cause a riot among the other project participants. Higher than the other, the salary she also not give, and in a separate house is not populated, so why is it necessary? She has already tasted what it’s like to be the center of attention and the role of the second plan it will hardly taste.”