Бари Алибасов спасает Наталью Фатееву после сложной операции The producer supports older actress. Natalia Fateeva difficult diagnosis, because of which the star of the Soviet cinema moves on crutches. 82-year-old celebrity thanked Bari Alibasov for help he never refuses.

      Бари Алибасов спасает Наталью Фатееву после сложной операции

      The producer and the showman of Bari Alibasov supports the well-known actress Natalia Fateeva, which recently underwent major surgery. Zvezda Soviet films, the 82-year-old Natalia Fateeva many years of suffering from osteoarthritis. Three years ago in Israel, the actress had surgery to replace his joint. But not all went well, the joint is not accustomed, began to fester, and Natalia was again on the operating table. Natalya Fateyeva hospitalized with a serious injury

      Now the star of the films “Three plus two”, “the meeting Place cannot be changed”, and many others is on the mend. However, moves exclusively an elderly woman on crutches, and almost never leaves the house. It is hard to imagine how she might move forced retreat, if not for the help of close friends.

      In particular, the support of Natalya Fateyeva has a Bari Alibasov. He gave the actress a car with driver. The young man helps the favorite of millions to move, it carries on business and makes together with her purchase.

      Бари Алибасов спасает Наталью Фатееву после сложной операции“Natasha moves on my car and my driver told Bari Karimovich the program “You wouldn’t believe!” of NTV. – Last time we talked with Natasha three days ago. I can’t say that I’m so much help and arrange her life. But when she turns, I always respond to her requests”.

      By the way, Bari Alibasov met Natalia Fateeva from the hospital immediately after undergoing surgery. “I remember when we first time entered in a car after surgery – said the showman. – And now she already goes. Well done.”

      In addition, Bari Alibasov always warmly congratulates the elderly lonely actress with the holidays, he will make it on international women’s day, 8 March. Natalia Fateeva, of course, filled with feelings of gratitude to Bari Karimovich for the support and attention that she has.

      By the way, Natalia Fateeva – not the only one helps a well-known producer. Not so long ago, Bari Alibasov have sheltered in his vosmikomnatny apartment of a friend, shocking actor Nikita Dzhigurda. The latter decided to hide at Alibasov, as was afraid of threats from the relatives of Lyudmila Bratash, the alleged author of the artist 800 million inheritance. Bari Alibasov lives with Nikita Dzhigurda