Not much happens: the stars, who celebrate his birthday on March 8

Много не бывает: звезды, которые отмечают день рождения 8 марта Some celebrities are fortunate enough today to not only celebrate Women’s day. It is, of course, about free. “StarHit” gathered 8 popular Russian people, who will get a special congratulations from family and friends.

      Много не бывает: звезды, которые отмечают день рождения 8 марта

      Since 1921, thanks to the active propaganda actions of the famous Clara Zetkin, March 8 is celebrated international women’s day – first in the memory of the participation of women in pre-revolutionary demonstration, after a while – to please all of the fair half. Today, all girls, girls and women are waiting for from your favorite men bouquets, gifts and warm words. And someone lucky enough to receive congratulations and happy birthday.

      Sergey Glushko

      Много не бывает: звезды, которые отмечают день рождения 8 марта

      Dancer, who became famous as a stripper under the alias “Tarzan”, today celebrates its 47 anniversary. For 14 years he is legally married to the famous singer Natalia Koroleva, and their pair is considered to be one of the highest in the Russian show business. Lovers at each other the artists raise a son Arkhip, which this year celebrated its 15th anniversary. Now the famous family most of the time in the United States and dreams of replenishment. The pair have long admitted that he wants a second child, but the 43-year-old Natalia admits that while she and her husband can’t please the son of a brother or sister. As the Queen will surprise your beloved in his birthday, we don’t know. By the way, in celebration of Valentine’s Day actress and her husband had posted a video which showed a real passion – Natalia and Sergey showed in “Instagram” sexy dance together under the fiery music.

      Natasha Koroleva: “I didn’t know I had so many enemies”

      Max Barskih

      Много не бывает: звезды, которые отмечают день рождения 8 марта

      The singer, famous for such songs as “Wanna dance”, “Mists”, “Wrong” and others, today marks 26 years. A talented composer, songwriter and performer never ceases to delight fans with new hits which immediately fly to the highest place in the music rankings. Yesterday, March 7, the eve of his birthday, Max Barsky gave a recital in Kiev. Three days earlier he was on the stage of the city of eagle, thereby opening the big tour on cities of Russia. About the personal life of max, almost nothing is known: “I prefer to leave the personal personal and not live under the gun cameras. There are moments when I want to share happiness with the world. If or when it will come – I will tell you,” Barsky said in an interview with “StarHit”. It is known that earlier the singer tied a romantic relationship with Misha Romanova, the soloist of group “VIA Gra”, but the couple broke up. According to Barsky, they were best friends. Young people are not only burning not so long ago passion, but creativity – Max and Michael are recording a duets and even removed in a rather candid photoshoot.

      Ksenia Borodina

      Много не бывает: звезды, которые отмечают день рождения 8 марта

      Numerous longtime girlfriend leading reality show “Dom-2” year after year complain that they can’t celebrate Women’s day because it is March 8 from their beloved Ksenia Borodina birthday. Today, one of the brightest stars of the Russian “Instagram” turns 34. After going through the difficulties, she developed relationships with her husband Kurban Omarov, from which the December 2015 gave birth to a daughter Theon. Now the TV presenter is happy with her husband and two children – except for the baby Thea, Borodina growing 7-year-old Mary, a daughter from his first marriage. Exactly a year ago and it is in one of the Moscow restaurants throw a party in honor of his birthday, the theme of which was India – the event was attended by all the relatives and friends of the stars, and every one complied with the stated dress code. And in 2015, Borodin arranged for friends party in the style of 20-ies, apparently, inspired by the movie “the Great Gatsby” with Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role. Which celebrity will arrange a birthday today, find out very soon.

      Viktor Dobronravov

      Много не бывает: звезды, которые отмечают день рождения 8 марта

      The actor, best known for the role of a courier Fedi blockbuster once the television series “Not born beautiful”, today marks 34 years. On account of the son of the honored artist of Russia Fedor Dobronravov, star of the series “Matchmakers”, dozens of roles in films and musicals, he has participated in many television and music projects, and this year we’ll see him in several works: the series “Alien blood,” “T-34” and “angel”, and also in the film “Nevsky Pyatachok”. In the spring of 2010 Dobronravov married a girl named Alexandra, whom he met in childhood, while studying at the musical theatre school. 17 Dec 2010 the couple was born daughter Barbara. And in June 2016 Victor and Alexander became parents for the second time – Varya has a new baby sister. Grandpa babies happy addition to the family almost more than the latter-day mom and dad: “I Want to have more grandchildren,” – said Fedor Dobronravov in an interview.

      Alexei Mishin

      Много не бывает: звезды, которые отмечают день рождения 8 марта

      Famous Russian figure skating coach celebrates 76 anniversary. Starting his career at 15 years old, Alexey has reached the highest results – paired with figure skater Tamara Moskvina, he became the silver medalist of the European championship in Vasteras, USSR champion 1969, the silver medalist of the world championship in Colorado springs and a bronze medal at the European championship in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. After his playing career ended in 1973, Mike started coaching. Among his students are such stars of figure skating Alexei Urmanov, Alexei Yagudin, Evgeny Plushenko, and many others. Now Mikhail Mishin coached Elizabeth Tuktamysheva, Alexander Petrov and the great Carolina Kostner – bronze medal winner of the Olympic Games, world champion and five-time European champion and eight-time champion Italy. As is often the case with great athletes, personal life Mishina formed almost on the ice: his wife Tatiana Mishina, honored coach of Russia, champion of the USSR in figure skating. The couple has two sons – 39-year-old Andrew and 33-year-old Nicholas.

      Elena Baturina

      Много не бывает: звезды, которые отмечают день рождения 8 марта

      One of the most famous businesswomen of Russia, wife of former Moscow mayor Yuri Luzhkov, the President of the company Inteco Management in 2014 by the authoritative edition of Forbes has been recognized as the richest woman in Russia. Today, in addition to Women’s day, it celebrates its 54th birthday. Last year Yury Luzhkov and Elena Baturina noted silver wedding. “Yuri Mikhailovich and Yelena’s love. Still before my eyes I have is the following picture. Anniversary, Moscow’s 850 years, 1997. My husband and I were involved in organising the show, the Jean-Michel Jarre. The MSU was used as a huge screen on which broadcast views of the capital. Governmental bed, where he invited President Boris Yeltsin and other senior officials, was empty. Due to strained relations between Luzhkov and Boris Nikolayevich none of the officials came. It was cold, overcast. On the bench, wrapped in a single blanket, sat only Yuri Mikhailovich and Yelena Nikolayevna. He is very gentle with his wife, listens to her and allows to steer the family. And he is enjoying peace,” – shared with “StarHit” the widow of Artyom Borovik, a journalist Veronica Borovik-khilchevsky.

      The couple have two daughters – 22-summer Olga and 24-year-old Elena. Both believe that their mother is a role model, they learn a lot from her. With the consent and support of Elena Baturina, the youngest daughter opened a bar in a European ski resort of kitzbühel on the border of Germany and Austria – and this is only the first steps of the successor of the famous couple in the restaurant business.

      OnLGA Ponizova

      Много не бывает: звезды, которые отмечают день рождения 8 марта

      The actress of theatre and cinema today marks 43 years. Unfortunately, the star of the films “All is well”, “Gangster Petersburg” and other domestic films for a few years does not appear on the screens. In 2015 in the life of Olga Ponizova a tragic event occurred, compare which drama is impossible, perhaps, nothing, – the actress has lost his only son. Nikita Chelyadin, who at that time was only 20 years old, died in a car accident – a young man lost control of his car and at high speed crashed into a metal fence of the road. Ponizova gave birth to her son being married with the film Director and TV presenter Andrey Chelyadinov. Relationships of Olga and Andrey stopped in the late 90-ies, since then the actress never remarried and raised her son alone.

      Guilty of the death of the son of the actress Ponizova will be punished

      Peter Dranga

      Famous Russian accordionist celebrates its 33rd birthday. Music Peter began to play at the age of 5, and even then, the boy only knows the world of art, chose a favorite tool. Dranga spoke first in his native Moscow, and then on his work became known in other cities and countries. In the 18 years Peter has created his own small Studio for recording music and formed a band “Overdrive,” which successfully played in Moscow clubs and restaurants. At one of the concerts Dranga noticed the parodist Alexander Peskov, and invited musician in the show. Since 2004, Peter began an active solo career and has performed, including duets with such stars of show business, Oleg Gazmanov, Igor Butman, Larisa Dolina and even Patricia Kaas. In 2007, Peter became one of the participants of the TV show “Dancing on ice” – when paired with figure skater Oksana Grishuk, he took 3rd place. Currently, the musician continues to perform live, touring, takes part in television projects and actively attends the official awards ceremony.