Жену Николая Караченцова могут лишить прав после страшной аварии Blood Ludmilla Parginos discovered alcohol. For the spouse of a famous actor made the administrative Protocol. A woman can two years to deprive of the rights for drunk driving. The case will be submitted to the court, which will decide on the wife of Nicholas Karachentsova.

      Жену Николая Караченцова могут лишить прав после страшной аварии

      The wife of a famous actor Nicholas Karachentsova Lyudmila Porgina can deprive of the rights to drive the car. The next two years the woman will not be able to get behind the wheel. The traffic police, which conducted an audit on the fact of failure that occurred in late February, made an administrative report as regards 1 article 12.8 of the administrative code of the Russian Federation “driving a vehicle while intoxicated, did not cause criminal acts.” According to journalists of several publications conducted in the framework of investigation of the reasons of the accident, the examination established that Lyudmila Porgina was drunk.

      We will remind, terrible accident in which the injured Nikolai Karachentsov, occurred in the late evening of February 27 in the suburbs. Nikolai Karachentsov was injured in a car accident

      The car that was the star of cinema and theatre, collided with a cargo “Gazelle” and turned over. Together with a famous artist in the car was also his wife Lyudmila Porgina, nurse Nadezhda Sergeeva and cousin Elsa Ivlieva. All of them were hospitalized with injuries of varying severity.

      According to Lyudmila Parginos, driving a car that collided with their car on that fateful evening, the young man was a native of Tajikistan. The woman is convinced that a terrible accident brought about by his carelessness. Lyudmila Andreevna then very emotionally reacted to the incident.

      “I he began to speak: “You my husband almost killed”, and he arrogantly began to shout that I am guilty. Now the machine is arrested, the investigation is now going with the documents to understand. The car is very sorry, goes, probably, for cancellation” – shared the actress.

      By the way, in the first days after the accident in the media there were publications that, allegedly, Lyudmila Porgina driving the car was drunk. However, the woman then denied these suspicions, calling them complete nonsense.

      However, a medical examination, which was the wife of Nicholas Karachentsova showed that her blood was 0.3 ppm of alcohol, according to Life.ru. This figure corresponds to easy degree of intoxication which happens after drinking a glass of wine or beer.

      The point in this case put the court, which will decide on the deprivation Ludmilla Parginos driver’s license.