Рустам Солнцев о закрытии «ДОМа-2»: «Бузова, призови на помощь фейковых подписчиков» Rustam Solntsev commented on the imminent demolition of the set of “House-2”. He is sure that Olga Buzova, Ksenia Borodina and other hosts of the show are obliged in any way to prevent this event.

14 years of heroes “Houses-2” do not descend from screens of TVs. It seems that everyone in the country learned the famous names: Buzova, Borodin, Kadono. Now, however, over the future of the show under threat, because the Moscow authorities are thinking about how to carry the set and install in its place a public transport stop.

It turns out that the new draft of the highway was developed in 2014, and the Moscow authorities until recently didn’t even know that they may have a conflict of interest with the management of “House-2”.

Rustam Solntsev not able to stay away from such topics. In its traditional category of “Mother dear,” he called stars of the project by any means to protect the set from demolition.

“Shouting in a loud voice, the whole country is yelling that “the HOUSE-2” closed. Supposedly through a Clearing pass road. Hey guys, going. You know, this is how “the Avengers” and you have there. You have a whole team. Kadono, turn off the rowdy, remember the sorcerer. Buzova Olga, of course, I understand that it’s fake holds, but there are live subscribers in your Instagram. Kitty, call, shout, food. Ksenia Borodina, for you all to mother Russia, because you’re the mother of countless children,” — said Rustam “StarHit”.
Рустам Солнцев о закрытии «ДОМа-2»: «Бузова, призови на помощь фейковых подписчиков»

According to the showman, leading the project should not be silent, because the future really is at stake. “Girls, boys and Kadono, it is necessary to do something. I’m with you guys,” said Solntsev.

Moscow authorities are going to demolish the set of “House-2”

But fans have set up a much more optimistic. They believe that even if the Moscow authorities will decide on the demolition of the set, the management of “House-2” will find a new place to stay for the characters.

By the way, recently the representatives of the government promised that within two months they will provide the project management of a new plot of land of similar size. So the future of “House-2” seems no longer in danger.

The management of “House-2” commented on the rumors about the demolition of the set