“Princess Diana would have hated them”: a new controversial interview with the father of Meghan Markle

«Принцесса Диана бы их ненавидела»: новое скандальное интервью отца Меган Маркл Dear father of the Duchess Essexboy gave another interview to the British media. Offended by the daughter of a man spoke out about his son and criticized Her Majesty. According to Thomas Markle, Princess Diana would not approve of the attitude of the Royal family to him.
«Принцесса Диана бы их ненавидела»: новое скандальное интервью отца Меган Маркл

To marry a Prince, as it turned out, not for happiness. At least here for a long time the life of Meghan Markle in the Royal family overshadowed by the relatives of the Duchess Essexboy. First, 74-year-old Thomas Markle claimed that his daughter was unhappy in the marriage, and recently the brother of the girl wrote a letter to Elizabeth II, in which he stated that the nurse undergoes the persecution by Prince Charles and his wife.

“In her eyes and the smile I see that she’s scared. I’ve watched over the years as she smiles. And I don’t like the way it looks now. It’s not even on duty smile, that pained smile,” dad said Megan.

Now a relative of the Duchess again complained about the fact that her daughter refuses to communicate with him. According to Thomas, Princess Diana would not have approved of such behavior. Moreover, it is certain that the deceased mother of Prince Harry certainly would have condemned the son.

“Princess Diana would have hated them if I saw how they communicate with me. I don’t care if Harry won’t talk to me ever again,” said the father of Megan.
«Принцесса Диана бы их ненавидела»: новое скандальное интервью отца Меган Маркл

Recall that at the wedding, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s bride to the altar was led by the groom’s father Prince Charles, because the native daddy of the bride was not in London. The official reason was poor health 74-year-old Thomas Markle for a few days before the wedding, the man had a heart attack.

“Unfortunately, my dad won’t be at the wedding. I always try to take care of dad, and now I understand that it is necessary to monitor their health. I want to thank all those who supported our family,” – a message appeared on the official website of Kensington Palace.

However, after numerous hard-hitting interview Megan decided to break the relationship with the relative, not wanting to spoil relations with her husband and his family.

“They’re avoiding me, but the truth is that I could get a hundred thousand dollars for a TV show. They act like I moved to London and sell the Cup with the face of his daughter. The phone number I dialed is no longer working. I have no connection with the Royal family, no address that I could write. My last message to her was: “I love you, miss you and sorry for everything.” I want to be a grandfather to her unborn child,” said Thomas Markle.

Curiously, dad was one of the first people Megan introduced Prince Harry as her lover. Despite the fact that Markle’s parents divorced years ago, the future Duchess managed for a long time to maintain a good relationship with both mother and father.

Now Megan makes no comment about the relationship with his father, and he, by contrast, continues in the interview to criticize the Royal family. Moreover, Mr. Markle goes even to her Majesty Elizabeth. “Of course she can meet with Donald trump, but God only knows why she agreed to meet this person,” said Thomas Markle dailymail.co.uk.