Россиянка борется с французом за детей и наследство A resident of Moscow, said that her ex-husband plans to kidnap the heirs. According to Martha Adt, a resident of France Simon Pico is going to take away 6-year-old Tosha and 4-year-old Lala from Russia. It is the intention of the young woman connects with a huge sum, getting the kids from a relative of the father.

      Россиянка борется с французом за детей и наследство

      A resident of Moscow Mar Adt has addressed in police with the request to protect her children from her ex-husband, Frenchman Simon Pico. A young woman claims that the 56-year-old foreigner trying to take over the children after years of separation. Mar sure that Simon wants to return to the heirs for personal gain. She stated that the only way Pico could count on the part of the fortune left by his deceased uncle. According to Adt, it’s the amount of half a million euros. Before his death, the old man decided that his money should go to the beloved grandchildren.

      “We helped his uncle with whom we lived. A year and a half ago, he died. Now nobody helps us. Simon had bad relations with relatives, so my uncle disinherited him, and he passed it down to my children. Now Simon is looking for any way to get the kids to France and to dispose of the inheritance,” said the Muscovite.
      Россиянка борется с французом за детей и наследство

      The young woman turned to reporters to draw attention to the problem. March is terrified that her ex-husband will kidnap the kids, especially since such attempts he had made a few days ago. “Yesterday we agreed that I give him to see the children after the garden. At 5:30 I called the teacher and said that he came there with a lawyer and tried to get my son and daughter. According to the decision of Cheremushkinsky court he has no right to do that and can communicate with them only in my presence,” he told Adt.

      This story began several years ago when a resident of Moscow got acquainted with a wealthy Frenchman Simon Pico. Later she has married him. Then she gave birth to first child – a charming boy, who was named Tosha. However, after some time, the family of Adt and Pico began to cause problems, the couple began to quarrel. Then Martha’s father died, and she was forced to return home. Then the young woman realized that will become mother for the second time.

      Adt argues that Pico was not happy news about the new addition to the family. According to the Russians, the husband said that she should have an abortion. But Martha didn’t want to. The insistence of the husband was the last straw in her patience. Muscovite decided to leave a lover and move to Russia. Little Lala was born in Moscow.

      Simon could not accept the loss of children. He gave to ex-lover at the French court. The man also approached the local police, and Martha began to look for law enforcement officers. Later, the judges decided in favor of the Russians, and the children remained with her. Pico was also ordered to pay child support, but according to Adt, he did not. However, until recently the young woman had not prevented the communication of the father with the heirs, transfers Life.ru.