Лама Сафонова осознала причины тяжелой болезни The singer suggested, which could develop the disease.Lama Safonova had surgery and now tells fans how to spend the recovery period. Fans and colleagues support the artist in the fight against cancer.

      In late December, the singer Lama Safonova has declared to his fans that she was diagnosed with a terrible disease – cancer. Despite a cry for help, the actress says that in her body affected by the tumor. She only said that, in her opinion, during the operation, can be removed several organs. Now Safonova told that could cause health problems. She blamed the loneliness that she had faced in addressing difficult situations. Cancer singer Lama Safonova told about your condition

      “I do not wonder “why”, because clearly understand that those terrible three letters “cancer” is too natural and logical reaction to the fact that all the troubles I was alone, I stood alone against all that fell on my head (assault, physical injury), was completely unprotected and was able to ask only for others, but not for himself. I drove inside my pain I’m alone again rose to his feet and was always one-on-one with this opposition. I was saved by forgiveness, harmony with nature, with life itself and with the fact that I gave destiny”, – shared his thoughts and.

      Fans feel sorry for the rehabilitation period of the artist after a complicated surgery. Lama tries to keep loyal fans informed of everything that is happening with her health, because caring people have listed her money for treatment. Safonov admitted that she was difficult to muster the courage to seek help.

      “Only a few days left until a decision on chemotherapy. All too serious and vague. Mobilized all forces of the body to at least all starting to heal after surgery without antibiotics. Thank you to all those who are trying to have time to help in my distress. I hold with your love,” says on his page in the microblog and.

      Fans of the actress worry about her health and I dream that she soon returned to his former occupation. They are waiting for her new songs and different projects, so we are ready to provide all possible assistance for the rescue. “Health to you! Believe that you will be fine. Forces and a lot of patience”, “But even the small amount that we sent. Maybe something will help. May all go well for you. Will help you, just believe it”, “Mamochka! Hold on! You’re a wonderful person. Such vitality, endurance I’ve ever seen. You are strong and clever. Everything will be fine! You have a wonderful family. You have to live for them and for yourself.” – posted by concerned fans.