Елена Проклова отказывается просить прощения у дочери The actress told how she managed to reconnect with Arina a few years later. Proklova says that he tried to forget all the conflicts with the heir, and also admit the mistakes of his youth.

      Елена Проклова отказывается просить прощения у дочери

      Elena Proklova does not hesitate to speak frankly about his personal life on television or interviews. Some time ago, the artist spoke about his novels with well-known theatre and film personalities, which aroused interest from the public. Proklova about abortion from Jankowski: “He was standing under the window and asked not to do”

      Since Proklova was very stormy youth, she did not have enough time to do the eldest daughter Arina. Elena’s parents are actually completely took care of the baby while she was trying to achieve career success and to find their happiness. When she offered Paldiski to live with her, she refused.

      A few years later Arina realized that no one will be able to support her better than her own mother. They had to make contact with each other. The successor of Proklova admits that she would like to return to those days. In turn, Elena tries to live thinking about the future. She just doesn’t need to apologize to the daughter for the past.

      “I can tell you that today the guilt for me has changed. People in no way can be guilty by definition. Our actions – it’s an experience that forms us. It is not a cell and its extension. You need to convert it to study, to understand what wrong was done to convert it. No, I’m not going to tell her: “How guilty I was of youth.” No, I tried to call Arina and just say how much I love her,” explained Elena.
      Елена Проклова отказывается просить прощения у дочери

      We will remind that earlier Proklova explained why she didn’t want to communicate with parents. They were unhappy that the young artist has abandoned the child when she needed to learn. Elena had a fight with mom and dad in the eyes of the little Arina. At that moment, star couldn’t understand that cut off from loved ones, she will not gain strength.

      “The conflict with the parents – a gift of fate. They are taught the most important in life, that relationship is a gift. This experience taught us that it is not necessary to throw gifts. Nothing can be more powerful than communicating,” said Proklova.