Авиакатастрофа в Бишкеке: финалист «Голоса» накормил пострадавших, а пресс-секретарь мэрии удочерила ребенка The tragedy in Kyrgyzstan claimed the lives of 38 people. Nine days passed from the moment when the plane crashed on houses of the village Dacha-Suu. “StarHit” to find out how the locals support for their compatriots.

      Авиакатастрофа в Бишкеке: финалист «Голоса» накормил пострадавших, а пресс-секретарь мэрии удочерила ребенка

      Early on the morning of 16 January, the residents of the village of Dacha-Suu was engaged in business as usual: the Breakfast, gathering to work… Suddenly the sky was torn by a terrible roar. Those who live near the airport “Manas”, he knows – so landing the plane. After a few seconds, at 7:31 local time, the tragedy occurred. Cargo “Boeing 747-400F” he collapsed on the house, destroying 23 buildings. The tragedy claimed the lives of 38 people, including 18 children. The victims all help – from the administration to the stars.

      The people of Kyrgyzstan, mourn for the dead in the crash of the Boeing-747

      In the voice

      The fifth finalist of “the Voice” Kairat Primordial was born in the Talas region, and then moved to Bishkek, where he lives for many years. Together with his wife Elvira and friends he next day arrived at the scene of the crash.

      “It’s scary, – says Kairat with “StarHit”. – Homes destroyed, the survivors with tired eyes, which left tears… volunteers collected the money, bought groceries at a local restaurant “Sultan” made of 50 kg of pilaf. The village communications, a few days there was no electricity, many were hungry. Fed mainly those whose houses are located close to the epicenter of the disaster. Wanted to take food in the hotel “Semetei”, which temporarily housed about 20 people, but they said that people are fed three times a day.”
      Авиакатастрофа в Бишкеке: финалист «Голоса» накормил пострадавших, а пресс-секретарь мэрии удочерила ребенка

      In place of Primordial spoke with volunteers, I learned that in 2015, a law was passed under which the minimum distance between the airport and residential facilities must be at least 3 km.

      “But the village is only 1.5 km from the runways is risk – continues the singer. – Someone said that the hotel “Manas” has highlighted this area for their – 70% of the residents were employees of the airport. Surely now these houses will be moved or demolished and to allocate new”.


      One of the victims of the accident was 28-year-old accountant Nargiza Kojonaliev. In a month they have a spouse Mirzai by Dochodowym should have been born a second daughter. The day of the tragedy the husband took the eldest, 5-year Alium in the garden, so they were saved.

      “I know this family, – has shared with “StarHit” the head a press-services of the Metropolitan municipality ghoul Almanbetova. And now I will adopt the girl. Of course, with the support of her grandparents and father. She is like family to me. And his family doesn’t have to provide the child with adequate care, and before that they lived in cramped conditions in a makeshift two-room outhouse. Daddy’s little mister – my friend works as a janitor, we are with him every year on the square decorate the main Christmas tree of Bishkek. He, of course, continue to raise a daughter. Remember Alayim every day along with mom came to see how he works, makes the city beautiful.”

      Now ghoul, which brings up 7-year-old son, fills out the paperwork and opened a Bank account in the name of the baby. “When the girl grows up, she will accumulate capital funds to education, she continues. – Happy that I have a daughter.”