Русский дублер Мэтта Деймона едва не погиб на съемках Stuntman Martin Ivanov told the “StarHit” about working in Hollywood. Today in hire leaves a film “Jason Bourne” where the man fulfilled the most difficult and dangerous stunts.

      Русский дублер Мэтта Деймона едва не погиб на съемках

      In the Russian hire leaves today a film “Jason Bourne” with Matt Damon. Few people know that the most difficult stunts in the film for Hollywood actor performs Russian stuntman Martin Ivanov. “StarHit” talked with the man and learned about how to actually make movies in Hollywood.

      “My childhood was more dangerous than shooting a movie, told 39-year-old Martin “StarHit”. – From an early age raced on bikes after school with the guys climbed on the visor of the school. One hand slipped, and I landed on the brush – as a result of the fracture. Fortunately, the only one. Still performing tricks cost scratches. The profession decided after a couple of years. Did a lot of racing, rally, stunts with cars has always been “mine.”

      My parents divorced and I stayed with mom, but to this day my dad is my role model. In the 90s he went to work in Los Angeles. In Hollywood Viktor Ivanov, a famous name, he is also the Director, writer, actor. In 2000 he returned to Russia for filming of your own movie “White gold” in this picture I first tried myself. And then lucky – in 2003 in Moscow filmed “the Bourne Supremacy”. Dad advised me in doubles, in his opinion, I look like Matt Damon.

      “Never fear for their lives. Despite the fact that the profession is included in the ranking of the most risky, stunts carefully considered, and the probability of a crash is reduced to zero… But once I grabbed the adrenaline. Had to slip under the wagon. One wrong move and I would now never talked to you. Carried in mm. But even after this incident I’m in no hurry as the additional insured, I have a normal policy. Film company make it clear at the time of filming, and I have enough”.

      With the actors almost no overlap. Scenes of stuntmen are usually removed separately. But a couple of times we meet. Damon recently at a rehearsal he asked me to sit behind the wheel of a ride with friends. Everyone laughed, shot on iPhones. In the latest film “007: Spectrum”, I dubbed us wrestler David Batista, and he was under two meters, supernational. I sewed a costume with muscle foam. Moreover, if the camera is close, and make more casts. They are terribly expensive, wear them and shoot only in auto, so the paparazzi are not detected.

      I have a teenage 6-year-old son, Martin Ivanov, Jr. Five is involved in motocross, he wants to be like dad. Models grandpa new tricks on the example of toy cars. “Car explodes, the driver jumps out, motorcycle somewhere fails,” all the time showering ideas. Of course, I will support him in the choice of profession, whatever it was, as once did my father.”