Алика Смехова оказалась в центре скандала из-за сыновей The artist was supported by his colleague Larisa Guzeeva. Alika Smekhova was the victim of attacks by Network users. Followers accused the star of placing custody of older sons. Their words angered friend of the actress.

      In his microblog Alika Smekhova often shares with followers family photos. The photographs often involve adult sons actress – Artem and Makar. Apparently, the mother is very friendly with his heirs. However, it turned out that it’s soul not all her fans.

      After publishing a new photo with the boys, Alec was the victim of attacks by Network users. The star was accused of excessive guardianship of sons. “Little brother so touching NAP on the chest of”, “Such horses, and with my mom on vacation. And then wonder where these feminine men,” said some groupie Laughter.

      Unflattering comments in the address of a friend was very upset with Larisa Guzeeva. Actress and host of “let’s get married” stood up for Smehova. She said the offenders Aliki. “That’s right, better them to a shelter, and the mother let the lights, right? Because you do? Membrannye individuals,” wrote Guzeeva.

      It is interesting that Larisa herself did not support the women who are completely immersed in family care and custody of the children. “I don’t think a woman should deal only with children and life. Otherwise, there may come a time when your man will fall in love with an interesting woman, whose boundaries do not end with a stove and a cot. And then you will be very sad and hurt. Understand that man, besides food and clean socks, you need an interesting conversationalist. Where do you go with children, without a job? A woman should work if you have no problem to upajati husband and be a widow. The man needs help, because he, too, man,” she stated on his page in Instagram.

      Meanwhile, Alika Smekhova justifies her behavior because she is a single mother with two sons. Popular actress doted in their heirs, and seeks to care for Artem and Makara, as it feels full responsibility for their life and destiny.

      Alika Smekhova blames himself for the fact that children are growing up without a dad

      “You can’t force a man to love your child and care for him. And laws. This is my opinion, I assume that not all agree with him. Artem’s father communicates with him and involved in his life. About father Makar with his large opportunities and I have nothing to say. I find it much easier to go out and earn than to spoil his life showdown, especially in a judicial order”, – frankly said the actress in an interview.