11-месячная дочь Климовой и Месхи обратилась к маме The girl uttered the first word. Ekaterina Klimova waited for the moment when her younger daughter started to speak. Baby happy parents rapid development. Fans congratulated the star.

      Ekaterina Klimova skillfully combines the care of children with career development. The mother of four children takes an active part in the shooting of new films, while she spends all his free time with his family.

      The youngest daughter of a star Bella is developing by leaps and bounds. The girl’s mother proudly told on his page on Instagram that the baby said her first word. 11-month Belocca spoke, which caused indescribable delight of all his large family.

      “Our first word is Mama,” – said Klimov.

      Fans of Catherine was delighted by how rapidly developing baby. They complimented the girl and her stellar mom. “Great! Later, the kids are developing faster and are often very talented”, “Congratulations, it’s very, very nice. Katyusha, I’m happy for you”, “First word “Mama” – it’s a happy day for mommy. Grow healthy”, “for the fourth time already! Probably every time like the first? Congratulations,” – commented on the followers of the star.

      By the way, after the birth of her daughter in the life of a spouse Klimova Gela Meskhi serious changes have taken place. The actor has known the joy of fatherhood, I realize that more tiny Chad for him one can not be. Her husband can’t get enough of the successor and at every opportunity speaks about her incredible beauty.

      “Some unusual awe and tenderness to the creature. Remember, in the hospital, Kate said, “Look, what a beauty. Daughter is really pretty, angel. Although all parents probably think their child is the most beautiful. Now I realized that happiness is in our children. It’s a miracle that I love,” shared the artist in an interview to one of editions.

      Ekaterina Klimova baptized the little daughter

      We will remind, in April the pair was baptized the small bell. In the microblog the eldest daughter of the popular actress appeared in a group photo with mom. In the minds of 14-year-old Elizabeth and 38-year-old Catherine wearing scarves. Looking at the picture, you can see that it is made in the temple. Thinking about what the artist was baptized the youngest child, leads the signature to be published. “Baptism of Snow”, – said Lisa.