Katya Klep: “the humiliation I answered with a joke”

Катя Клэп: «На унижения я отвечала шуткой» For the past few years, video blog, Katya Klep collects millions of views. However, over a tempting offer to star in the series “Junior” on STS, the girl pondered long. The Internet star has estimated their own strength working in a professional team. Now a new actress picture said “StarHit” about how you feel in front of the cameras.

      Катя Клэп: «На унижения я отвечала шуткой»

      Katya Klep widely known on the Internet. Her video blog collects millions of views. Girl for the past nine years, regularly produces short skits, and a video about his life. Recently she tried a new role – he accepted the offer to play in the popular series “Junior”. In an interview with “StarHit” the girl told about how has become a popular it works, and how it took on the set of the youth of the picture.

      Tell us how it all began, how did you decide to create your video blog?
      Катя Клэп: «На унижения я отвечала шуткой»I’m on the Internet in 2007, was first printed blogs in which I posted photos. In General, I was a fan of all this community. My friends didn’t understand why I spent so long sitting on the Internet, “ICQ” correspond, in the different community coming in. Then I opened YouTube and I saw that there are those who lead their video blogs. It struck me that they record themselves from the comfort of home, but get a bunch of comments. My then blog was only 5-10 reviews, and they have really thousands. Many have responded, sought to communicate, I also wanted to broaden my horizons, and YouTube helped me with this. This is cool: just make a video and get acquainted with a huge number of people. —
      What was the most difficult?
      Катя Клэп: «На унижения я отвечала шуткой»Then before the camera I felt cool: I thought I was cool talking to that I have a cool makeup. But then, reviewing your videos, I thought: “God, who is this girl? Why does she have a speech impediment and she look so strange?” This, perhaps, was the main difficulty – to look at ourselves.

      What was your first video?
      Катя Клэп: «На унижения я отвечала шуткой»At that time I was inspired by a protest, because I had no one to complain about how bad the school. I didn’t say anything to the parents, even when I was a very serious problem. I just thought that should be above it all and solve it all yourself. While I had a keen sense of justice, and I really wanted someone to talk about it. Not just to complain and make fun of the situation, because, no matter how much me or humiliated by other people, I always tried to answer them with a joke. —
      How parents react to what you did? Have you changed their position once you become popular, and the business began to generate income?
      Катя Клэп: «На унижения я отвечала шуткой»My family was divided into three camps. Some believe that it was improper to glow face and need to do more clever things, another still, and still have a mom who always supported me. She saw that I really wanted to remove me and the process is very fascinated. That’s what inspired her to buy a good camera, which appeared my videos. Mom gave me the opportunity to do what I love, so after school I was free from the Institute a year or so I looked up, wondering whether I will develop in blogging. It brought me great benefits, because of the time I just did while audience. —
      Now how do you feel about the enemies? How often do we hear criticism and how to react to this?
      Катя Клэп: «На унижения я отвечала шуткой»Someone once said that hate is the biggest fans, because they know about you as much as a man, loving your work. However, if some come for the positive energy, others negative eat. If someone didn’t like it I would just not go on their page, but there are people that specifically live on the pages of those they don’t like. It was nice to read positive reviews, but as for how to treat criticism – as long as it was appropriate and constructive. And let the haters spread about me, what I want, most importantly, not an obituary.

      Share the secret of making movies: how to think through an idea, shoot, edit?
      Катя Клэп: «На унижения я отвечала шуткой»Always in different ways. Previously, much time was spent on the installation (six years of torment with one program), but recently moved to a new, and the process significantly accelerated now for two days can mount. And removed usually at the same time (if blogs are in the style of “lifestyle”), sketches may leave and six months.—
      Who help you the most like?
      Катя Клэп: «На унижения я отвечала шуткой»I all scrolls because I need to be aware of trends. I have a favorite channel Natalie Tran (CommunityChannel) – she makes sketches, which I adore, I go to her for inspiration. I love the show in the format of the channel Clevver News, where narrated celebrity gossip. Actually, this is enough for me.

      You studied to be a Director, but then took the documents. And now who see themselves in the future?
      Катя Клэп: «На унижения я отвечала шуткой»I dropped out of University because I didn’t like the way they taught. But I understand that knowledge is needed. I for courses, especially scenic! She write scripts, shoot sketches, working as a cameraman, Director and actress, and I liked it. Honestly, I don’t know what to choose, so participate in all projects, where I call in all images. And what awaits me further, I have no idea. Maybe have a baby, and he will become a great Director, but while I try, for example, as an actress.
      Катя Клэп: «На унижения я отвечала шуткой»
      By the way, how long you pondered over the offer to play in the series STS “Junior”?
      Катя Клэп: «На унижения я отвечала шуткой»I, of course, wanted to immediately say Yes, but I understand that is a big responsibility. I agreed about a week because I needed time to assess their ability: in the movie, working professionals, and I was searching, not an actress.—
      What role do you play in the series? Does the character of the heroine with your?
      Катя Клэп: «На унижения я отвечала шуткой»Here I have a little Ranger that is trying to expose hockey player. It’s such a feminist attitude from my blog: strong girl came to encourage the boys. Blogger to reveal the story of a little incident or, conversely, to show the good side – it’s all in my nature.
      Катя Клэп: «На унижения я отвечала шуткой»
      This is your first experience in cinema? Have you ever take acting lessons?
      Катя Клэп: «На унижения я отвечала шуткой»Purposefully not, but over the last six months I took a mini-movie and a few sketches, and through acting, directing and screenwriting work, figured out how to make the result the way it was intended. Then I really got going in the actor’s plan. But here I play myself, so just needed to relax, to let go of the situation and behave in life. On the eve of the eagerly preparing for something, download a bunch of information – it doesn’t work. I had that with the English language as I studied it, and it didn’t worked. But when it is really needed, and I was wondering, I learned everything in six months. Maybe one day I’ll be a gorgeous actress who knows, and maybe someone else. But while I like to hone acting skills.—
      You immediately found a common language with the actors on set?
      Катя Клэп: «На унижения я отвечала шуткой»The crew of “Youth” is a very funny, insightful guys who responded to my blunders. Thanks to the friendly atmosphere, we shot everything very quickly, in just a couple takes. Ivan Zhvakin, with whom I have just had a joint stage, helped me, gave some tips from the category of: where to pause, how to fix his cap, not to screw up his eyes in the frame. So there was this: “an Amateur, you understand nothing!” And Vice versa: “Hey, relax, everyone wants you to look good in the frame.” —
      What was the most difficult? It was difficult for you to obey the commands of the Director, because you used to decide what and how to do?
      Катя Клэп: «На унижения я отвечала шуткой»Of course, I felt, did a double, did the Director, well I said everything looked like in the frame. And since I was shooting from all sides, had to look good from any angle. Everything should be nice and clear, and it’s hard because I’m very picky about myself: one thing, as I imagine it in my head, and the other, as happens in the end. Though I wore a GoPro camera (the script, I write answers hockey blog), so the Director helped me to hold the camera, to turn it to get the static, interesting shots. In General, I think I got it, it’s cool – for me it’s a good start. And now I’m looking forward to the new series on the air.