Russian singer almost gave birth on the filming of the video

Российская певица едва не родила на съемках клипа
Nina Ann was taken from the movie set to the hospital

Российская певица едва не родила на съемках клипа

Nina Ann

Российская певица едва не родила на съемках клипа

Nicholas Rostov

The clip of the singer Nina Ann for the song “You ask one day,” dedicated to the children, acted, you might say, in extreme conditions – Nina was in her last month of pregnancy.“This song became to me so close because I was about to give birth, — said Nina This situation is very much aggravated all feelings and emotions. Naturally, I worried if all goes well, will get along if my eldest son with his new baby brother (at that moment I already knew it would be a boy), won’t there be jealousy… Shooting was coming to an end, when I suddenly realized that I have to go to the hospital”.

“To be honest, I’d never experienced, — said the composer and the producer of the singer Nikolai Rostov. — We understand that Nina is in the last stages, I am subject to its provisions, decided that in all the scenes she will be shooting sitting down. But with filming, she immediately went to the hospital — it is in our plans not included… I mean, children get to choose the time. Personally, I took a child birth practically on the set as a good sign. So we’re doing the right thing. The boy Nina was born beautiful, and very soon came out and the clip, which is clearly appreciated by the audience. We have over a million views on YouTube”.

For Nikolai Rostov, a famous composer and sound producer, this is not the first successful start. He has worked with such artists as Timur Rodriguez, Nastya Zadorozhnaya, group “A’studio”, Polina Gagarina, Stas Peha, Mitya Fomin, Kristina Orbakaite, Anzhelika Varum and many others. In addition, the great success of his movie soundtracks. Nicholas is an author and producer of the music for the acclaimed TV series “Catherine” on the Russian Empress Catherine II, who received the prestigious television award “TEFI” and “Golden eagle”. His song “Love under the sun”, performed by Polina Gagarina, written for the opening credits to the TV series “mothers and Daughters” received the award “song of the year” and became the hallmark of the singer for many years. Nina Ann ward new talented producer.

Nikolai Rostov and Nina Ann

“Nina is a sociable and kind person with a real Russian soul and a very sensual voice, — says Nikolay. — She is able to convey to the listener the meaning of the songs with the right emotions. One is able to show every mood. We want to record a kind and gentle song, which is so lacking today, and I’m sure that Nina will handle it 100 percent.”

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