Victoria Lopyreva attention seeking ex-husband of Victoria Boni

Виктория Лопырева ищет внимания бывшего мужа Виктории Бони
The model is intended to take the place of the stars “House-2”?

Виктория Лопырева ищет внимания бывшего мужа Виктории Бони

Victoria Lopyreva

Photo: @lopyrevavika (Instagram Victoria Lopyreva)

Alex Smerfit

Victoria Lopyreva, a former “Miss Russia”, it seems, hopes to become a future Miss Smurfit. After Victoria Bonia broke up with her ex-boyfriend, the model began to show unusual interest in heir to the Monegasque millionaire. Netizens noticed that Lopyreva recently “saturolas” Alex social networks and showers his countless number of “likes”. Victoria does not neglect literally not one picture of Smurfit on Instagram.

It is worth noting that Victoria and Alex first met in real life and they are not bound by any business relationship. However, it is clear that the model longs to the former Bonnie drew is finally on.

Meanwhile, Lopyreva, apparently, a little late. Recently Smurfit arrived in Cannes with his new lover. He never parted with a striking brunette who accompanied him on the last party of the festival. Alex has already published several joint pictures with a stranger, but any comments on the new novel until it does not.

Bonia also stated that one of the reasons she had broken up with Servicom was his unwillingness to adopt a child from the orphanage. The star of “House-2” told that it will definitely become a mother of several children, as from his youth dreamed of a big family.