Российская журналистка обвинила Диего Марадону в домогательствах Star of Argentinean football was in the midst of the scandal. The reporter from St. Petersburg stated that Diego Maradona tried to rape her. Representatives of the famous striker has not commented on the situation.
Российская журналистка обвинила Диего Марадону в домогательствах

The second of July in Saint-Petersburg hosted the final of the confederations Cup, which was attended by Diego Maradona. The former football player stopped in one of the most stylish hotels of the cultural capital, which came to the journalist Ekaterina Nadolska. The girl planned to take the idol of millions of interviews and even had their picture taken with Argentinian, uploading a picture to social networks.

However, the next morning Catherine stated that Maradona had coveted to her, and she barely managed to escape from his grasp. The girl claims that the star of Argentine football pulled off her dress and behaved extremely indecent.

When the victim resisted, she was kicked out of luxury apartment. According to Catherine, the Manager Maradona handed her $ 500, and then she literally carried from the room, not allowed to take things.

Российская журналистка обвинила Диего Марадону в домогательствах

The girl sat in the lobby for three hours, being only in underwear. According to Nadolski, she was able to return the dress only after the arrival of the police.

The journalist is not going to leave Maradona unpunished. Investigation of scandalous business already engaged in law enforcement, but Catherine will have to go through the procedure a full examination. But the scandal did not bother Nadolsky because she wants to fight for justice.

Now the girl collects evidence of possible abuse by Diego Maradona. However, there is another version of events. According to those present, Nadolska came to the player’s number on their own. Eyewitnesses claim that Catherine suddenly began to undress and settled in his underwear that did not like the sports star. Then the former coach of the Argentine national team asked the journalist to leave the premises.

The assurances of the administration of the hotel where he stayed famous football player, no complaints about his conduct arose. The sports star was quiet, went to bed early.

Recall that Diego Maradona is considered to be the main star of Argentine football. It is part of the best forwards in the XX century, but known not only for its athletic achievements, but also for love Affairs. Maradona was married only once, but he attributed many novels with the most beautiful women of Argentina.