У телеведущей Марии Менунос был обнаружен рак мозга Actress and star of the American TV was urgently hospitalized after complaining of headaches. The doctors gave Mary a disappointing diagnosis and insisted on immediate operation. This disease is struggling and the mother of a young woman.

Maria Menounos was frankly told that the doctors discovered she had a serious disease. According to the young woman, she instantly felt a headache and had trouble reading the teleprompter. All of these warning signs caused the star to go to the doctor.

The news shocked the TV presenter, but the doctors convinced her that the situation can be corrected. That is why a young woman underwent emergency seven-hour operation, which as a result of which she removed a benign tumor the size of a Golf ball. In a recent interview, Maria spoke in detail about his health.

“I was very supportive of my fiance. Now I have a very numb face. This surgery requires months of recovery, but I am getting stronger and stronger every day. I hope that soon I can return to normal life”, – told the TV presenter.

Earlier, the foreign press reported that the mother of the stars Lietz Menounos is also struggling with this terrible disease. The woman was diagnosed with stage IV glioblastoma. Serious the diagnosis was not deprived a family of hope, because a relative of the famous TV presenter continues her treatment, despite pessimistic doctors. Mary herself has called this match is absurd. “When I learned about the results of the survey, did not cry, but laughed,” bitterly recalls a celebrity.

She is now in hospital and is undergoing rehabilitation. Despite the fact that the tumor has been removed, the risk of relapse still remains. “My doctor said that there is a likelihood that six to seven percent that the cancer will come back. I will remember that risk every day,” says the star.

In an interview with People magazine Menounos admitted that he had planned this summer to get married. Her boyfriend, Kevin, Undergaro made the young woman offer in March, but now triumph will have to wait.

She played a small role in the TV series “one tree Hill”, “Scrubs” and “Knight rider”. The first time Mary had heard in 1996, after she won the competition “Miss mA”.