Звезда сериала «Свидетели» рассказала о смертельной опасности на площадке
Actress Lora Reznikova shared stunt experience.

Звезда сериала «Свидетели» рассказала о смертельной опасности на площадке

Actress Lora Reznikov, that which wins us the role of a vampire in the project “the Fifth guard”,
police psychologist in “Witnesses” spoke about what tricks her
it is necessary to carry on the set. Running a chainsaw over his head,
falling a few takes in a row of shelving, partner, inflicting real blows and
in addition, the fall off the Bicycle — about all of this and not only will tell us Laura

“Every time
we get to work another scenario is a new surprise, says
artist. — Scripts for such a powerful long-playing project as “Trace” and
“Witnesses” often come into work just a few days before the shooting,
and the actors have a few days to review the material. So,
a scenario where my character is dancing on the pole, I got just a couple of days
before the shooting. Of course, I had experience dancing on the pole, but I have not
practiced and even forgotten about his hobby. But the author of the script opposite,
remember about my skill with the more recent filming of the “Fifth guards”. But
the funny thing is that I forgot to warn you! The day before the shooting had
urgently look for a free ballroom with a pylon, and engage in a few
hours to restore at least some skills. After rehearsals and filming the body
it hurt so much he could hardly walk.”

Звезда сериала «Свидетели» рассказала о смертельной опасности на площадке

told me that she often found herself involved in the execution of tricks, but most
cases are not complete without the participation of stuntmen.

“I also participate in the execution
tricks, usually it happens like this: the set comes group
stunt, says Laura. Chef explains step by step how to be “spread out”
fight, asked the understudy to show slowly all of the action. After that, I’m trying
to repeat everything. Then a Director shoots several takes. In one of them
perfectly, technically perfectly, and waving his feet stunt, in my case, Nina.
Nina – wig, imitating the hairstyle Koretsky. Then the Director takes it all
same, but in a fight I participate. It’s for real. Of course, stretching, and jumping and
the technicality of the beats I have are not as professional as understudy.
But I have the fear in the eyes of more)))) In the end, the film gathers
the most successful ones, based on all of the shot”.