Russian Igor Kim intends to prove that our athletes are the best in the world

Россиянин Игорь Ким намерен доказать, что наши спортсмены самые лучшие в мире
While a record that is going to beat Igor Kim, belongs to the Englishman, but our athlete is sure that will overwrite the “Guinness Book of records”.

Россиянин Игорь Ким намерен доказать, что наши спортсмены самые лучшие в мире

Both record who is going to install the master of sports on Sambo and judo coach of the TRP program Igor Kim will focus on ultrafast exercise “the Burpee”: fell, pressed, jumped, clapped and repeated.

On this occasion in Moscow held a press conference, which was attended by Igor Kim, chief producer of “the Agency’s Heroes” Dmitry Kim, General producer of the charity project “Power of spirit” Kulshmanov Karina, head of marketing at shopping centre FLEET Irina Ushakova, the founder of “TRP training” Anton Mikheev , as well as the Minister of sports of the Oryol region and the General producer of the “Show Warriors”, multiple champion of the Guinness book of records Alexander Murom.

Россиянин Игорь Ким намерен доказать, что наши спортсмены самые лучшие в мире

Englishman Lee Ryan managed to perform this exercise times 5800 for 12 hours and to keep within the allotted time, Igor will have to try hard. Further, it will reduce the rate and go to the second record 110 10 reps of “Burpee” for 24 hours.

During the day on the big stage of the Shopping center the FLEET on 23 and 24 April during the establishment of records will not be interrupted the concert, which will feature the participation of popular Russian artists and the residents of Comedy Club, wish to support Igor.

The Mall FLEET already has one record, as it is a giant aquarium, trapped in “the Guinness Book of records” as the tallest cylindrical aquarium in the world. So, this neighborhood should help our record.

Records of Igor Kim – the beginning of a long campaign “Be a Hero”, organized by the Agency of the Characters, whose activities are aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle among the younger generation. So, in anticipation of this event, already held a charity photo exhibition “the Power of the spirit”, characters which have become popular stars and athletes – Hanna, Anna Sedakova, Satyadeow, Anna Khilkevich, Masha Malinovskaya, actress Galina Bob, zapashnye Brothers, coach of equestrian sports Kalinichenko Vitaliy, coach air Rakovceva gymnastics Victoria and others. Funds raised at the event will be donated to the Fund “give life”.

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