Pavel Derevyanko in love with a girl with a criminal record

Павел Деревянко влюбился в девушку с криминальным прошлым The actor came to the presentation of album of group Uma2rman, along with a charming stranger. Spectacular brunette turned restaurateur Jeanne Kim. According to witnesses, the whole evening the couple held hands and enjoyed the music.

      Павел Деревянко влюбился в девушку с криминальным прошлым

      Actor Pavel Derevyanko visited the concert Uma2rman, where the band presented the album “Sing the spring”. The party was held in one of Moscow clubs. In the event the movie star came with a girl, which caused hefty interest from the media. All immediately decided that this was the new fiancee of actor.

      The whole evening Paul did not depart from his beloved. The lovers didn’t hesitate to hug and hold hands. On the question of who this mysterious stranger, Derevyanko in detail and did not answer, calling a girl his girlfriend. According to insiders, the new darling of the actor’s name is Janna Kim. She works in the restaurant business. According to her, they came with Paul to listen to good music and chat with friends.

      Journalists managed to find out that the new fiancee of actor managed to show up in the criminal chronicle. Recall that in December 2015 the shooting occurred in a Moscow cafe Elements on Rochdelskaya street. This place belonged to the restaurateur Jeanne. In some versions, a fight ensued due to the fact that Kim and the designer of the café premises are unable to negotiate the amount of payment for repair. To the solution were attracted by the criminal authorities.

      In his spare business time Jeanne pleases subscribers of their “Instagram” professional photos stylish images and pictures with my daughters. Girl with two charming babies who’ve been doing ballet and dancing. From an early age the mother instills in them a love for art: on weekends they all go to museums to study the works of great Russian artists.

      Neither Paul nor Jeanne was not placed on the pages of joint ops, probably afraid that will cause unnecessary questions from the public. By the way, last week they were seen together at the premiere of “the Crew”, but they tried not to attract undue attention.

      We will remind that Pavel Derevyanko has two daughters that were born from his marriage with Daria Malisevo. Relationship the couple has not developed, despite the fact that they tried to reconcile and again to arrive in 2015.

      “However, we don’t all live together, and I can’t be with the girls forever, because they work a lot and often go from Moscow. But Dasha and I, their mother, was built during this time a great relationship – full of mutual respect, understanding and a kindred love. Educating our children together, we have each and their personal lives. It is very convenient to live in the standard system that we have created together”, – Derevyanko told in one interview Hello.

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