Рози O’Доннелл: «Фанаты Трампа преследуют меня и моих детей»

American TV host Rosie O’donnell fell out of favor to the new President of the United States of America, his family and fans. The electorate is Republican, the Rosie made a number of public attacks, is now threatening her and her family. About it, O’donnell told John Fugelsang in the air WTF Donny.

“After the presidential election, neither I nor my family know peace. I can’t even go to the store for groceries. Be sure to find someone from the fans of trump, who will humiliate and abuse me.
Classmates at school new Jersey also threaten my fourteen year old daughter. It poisons our lives. Fans trump stalking me and my kids everywhere, and it lasts for years,” says Rosie.
Conflict O’donnell with Donald last for many years and started long before the presidential race. At the same time, Rosie sympathizes with Donald daughter Ivanka, who serves as the acting first lady and lives with her father in the White House. O’donnell sympathizes with the young woman, and believes she had the unenviable fate to be in that “unhappy, unhealthy and bad place.”
Recall that shortly after the inauguration of Rosie called the son of Donald and Melania trump Barron of the autistic because of it, as it seemed, the strange behavior at the ceremony. Soon O’donnell had to make a public apology, but it was not noticeable that she sincerely regretted the fact that he insulted the President’s son.