Son Baranovskaya follows in the footsteps of his father

Сын Барановской идёт по стопам отца

Son of Julia Baranovskaya and Andrei Arshavin Arseniy in your four years in football. Despite her young age, the boy already showed great promise.

Baranovskaya told reporters that her son seems to have inherited the genes of the father, and if you clear the game Arseny in the video, it is impossible not to notice that he dribbles like his dad – he’s got the same movement in running, filing, etc. Julia said that pays for training out of pocket, and no regrets about it because the son gets great pleasure from the game.
Recall that Arseniy parents broke up when he was only five months, so in fact the boy Andrew does not know. Long time player didn’t support Julia and three children financially, and only after long litigation the court has obliged the sportsman to pay to the former civil wife and children half of the income.
Last year Arshavin married new sweetheart Alice Catimini, and in February of this year they had a daughter esena. With children from a previous civil marriage Arshavin still does not communicate.