Rosie O’donnell broke up the family of his godfathers

Рози О’Донелл разбила семью своей кумы

Oh, times, Oh, morals! Media reported that the divorce Broadway actress This Schiff and her husband Scott had a hand in Rosie O’donnell, the one who last year wanted a daughter, gone from the house. Then the police found the “lost” in the house of her boyfriend, because the girl was not eighteen years of age, returned to her home. But at home she did not stay, gave a very interesting interview in which he told that the mother of Rosie has always been useless.

According to the publication, RadarOnline, the cause of This divorce with her husband became a multimillionaire its relationship with the godmother Rosie O’donnell ( Given you have the godmother of the daughter of O’donnell). This is confirmed by several insiders.
Supposedly Dana started to go to her friend, barely putting the kids to bed. At first it did not arouse suspicion, but she soon began to disappear from the house so often that even the Concierge began to suspect that Rosie is having an affair. Who would have thought that the object of sympathy can be her own godfather. Soon changed the behavior of Schiff.
“Dana, brilliantly played in “Cats” and “Les Miserables”, but soon turned into a completely different person. She stopped wearing dresses, which had cut her hair short.. She became like this because of the relationship with Rosie,” said the insider. The husband of actress as she could, kept her from divorce, but it wasn’t it was Given, and the couple divorced. Rosie in 2015, already divorced with his second wife. Rumor has it that it involved a “third party”. No wonder that adopted daughter O’donnell wanted to quickly change their place of residence.