Bono is named “Woman of the year” by Glamour

Боно назван «Женщиной года» по версии издания Glamour

Originally paid tribute to Irish musician Bono in the fight for gender equality in the editorial office of Glamour. The U2 frontman was named a … Woman of the year by the gloss.

So the editors have honored Bono for his social activities and community work, in particular, for the campaign “Sexism is poverty”, in which he helped poor women to access education, medicine, clean water and legal protection.
“I sure don’t deserve this, but I am grateful for this award as a chance to say that the struggle for gender equality cannot be won as long as men and women equalize in rights. We are largely responsible for what is happening in the world now, and must take responsibility for causing and solving these problems” — said Bono.