Rose’s daughter Sabitova can not do without the advice mom

Дочь Розы Сябитовой не может обойтись без советов мамы The girl does not know how to cook. Ksenia Sabitova has demonstrated its complete culinary failure in the air of the First channel show “My mom cooks better”. The successor of the famous TV presenter was only doing what she was told a parent.
Дочь Розы Сябитовой не может обойтись без советов мамы

On 8 October on the First channel started a new show – cooking battle “My mom cooks better”. This is a duel between two family teams, each of which the younger generation stands at the plate, and the older guides the process. The challenge is to cook a dish from the offered ingredients.

The first battle began leading the program “let’s get married!” Rose Sabitova and her daughter Kseniya. The girl, according to the rules, stood up to the plate. Mom by telling her what to do.

A couple of cooks decided to cook the chicken in milk with mashed potatoes. Rose Sabitova was immediately made clear by two points at home and she hurt her daughter she won’t give.

Дочь Розы Сябитовой не может обойтись без советов мамы

“Ksyunya, you have to do-simple will always win,” said rose heiress. Under the program, Xenia needed a minute to bring to the kitchen, missing ingredients and utensils for cooking. As she hastily moved around the Studio – it was necessary to meet the timing! – Rose Sabitova pointed leading cook-off, Dmitry Khrustalev on deficiencies in the organization.

“You gave my child a large apron, pots set high. It’s not fair!” – uttered teleshko during the show.
Дочь Розы Сябитовой не может обойтись без советов мамы

The rose Sabitova was time to give valuable guidance to the daughter, explaining how to make mashed potatoes, at which point pour the salt. The girl clearly followed the star mother. But in some point I hesitated and started a fire in the Studio – olive oil is too strongly warmed up, first zadymilas, and a moment in the pan already blazing fire. Luckily, Xenia and Dmitry Khrustalev were able to quickly extinguish the fire. There were no losses.

At some point, show nerves Rose Sabitova passed, and she used the right click on “mom panic”. The media personality decided to help her daughter not only in word but in deed, and rushed to her kitchen.

In the end, the two ladies had been very dubious quality puree that they did not clean the potato from the skin. The chicken, having been in the oil, milk and water, had the appearance of not had time to prepare the product. Restaurant critic, evaluating the results of the work of two kulinarok, remained clearly unhappy with the dish.

“You’re home too, so prepared?” – asked Rose Dmitry Khrustalev. “It depends on what guests. If you want them gone faster, Yes,” admitted Sabitova.