The eldest son Stepan Menschikova was not born from him

Старший сын Степана Меньщикова был рожден не от него The man received evidence of infidelity ex-wife. Stepan Menshikov took part in the program “really”. It was there that showman learned the results of a genetic test, which they passed with the boy.

Parting Stepan Menschikova and his mistress Eugenia was a big surprise for fans of the pair. Recently the couple had a second child, and their Union seemed as strong as ever. The initiator of the divorce became a young woman.

Later she accused the former husband of infidelity. She stressed that Stepan was fascinated exclusively with the development of his creative career, rarely take care of her and the children. Menshikov himself was talking about the mother of his heirs exclusively in a positive way.

Stepan Menshikov about divorce: “I was for Zhenya “reduced ticket” to Moscow”


“She is a wonderful mother and hostess. In our house it was always clean and comfortable. My wife was a real cook, and while cooking is sprinkled with such witticisms that any comedian would envy,” said the showman.

Still, the couple decided to find out the relationship in front of cameras. They were the guests of the program “really”. According to the insider, shortly before shooting Stephen and his eldest son Ivan passed the DNA test. Examination showed that Menshikov is not the father of the boy. “He thought that earn money on gear, and there is” – said a source close to the couple.

Previously showman emphasized that he will take care of the children, despite the divorce with his wife. The man often shared joint photos-year-old John and nine-month-old Barbara.

“Of course I will help my Wife financially, but now it’s hard for me to cope with the costs. I told my wife: “What are you doing – two small children, who need you? Now the time of crisis – and I tight as an artist, more children to feed. Who will contain you.” She didn’t listen to me, for a long time and she wanted to leave. I was her only ticket to Moscow”, – told earlier “StarHit” Stepan.

Now Eugene men’shchikova living with children in a Studio apartment. The young woman said that for a long time choosing the perfect property, but were still able to find a property in a good area at an affordable price.

Despite the sudden result of the genetic test, fans of the couple still hope the couple will be able to establish a relationship.